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Top 5 Must-Know Travel Trends For 2017

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The New York Times has listed Canada as the number 1 destination in their annual Places To Go list for 2017!

With this in mind and a fresh new calendar to fill with adventures, what better time to check out the most popular travel trends for 2017. So we scoured the internet for what’s up-and-coming this year in the world of adventure travel and here’s out top 5 favourite essential trends.

1. Multigenerational Travel

Gone is the time to say that things were “better back in my day”, and gone is the time to politely ignore those that say it. There is no better time to create memories than right now, and what better way to create those memories than to experience them through different generations eyes. Age is but a number, attitude is what defines our experiences.

2. Active and Adventure trips

Far too many of us spend hours at a time sitting behind desks and hours on end at the office. While holidays and travels can sometimes mean going to hotels to sit around and relax, we are just not designed to sit down all the time. Getting away on an adventure trip is the best way to open up the mind and allow day dreams to become reality. Plus your body will be very grateful at the opportunity to not sit down for a few hours!

3. River Cruising

River cruising as a top travel trend for 2017? This one may seem slightly off the wall, but given that there are approximately 2.25 million rivers in Canada alone there is quite a bit of exploring to be done!  The Squamish River that runs through Brackendale is home to many hundreds of Bald Eagles in the months of December and January, just one of the many beautiful animals that rely on rivers around the world. How about trying a twist on this old classic by cruising a river from 3500ft.

Wether your style of river cruising involves taking a flight to soar with the eagles deep in to the backcountry, or a graceful float down a river in your own raft with our friends at Sunwolf, we would say that river cruising sounds like a great excuse for a journey in 2017.

4. Travel With Immediate Family

Family, the only friends we don’t have to seek. Quite why any year would happen without traveling either to be with, or traveling to explore with, your immediate family we’re not sure. But if we can only chose one travel trend to live by in 2017  surely this has to be the most rewarding.

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5. Celebration Travel

Celebration and travel, two words that really should go together more often. Weddings, proposals, promotions, new family arrivals, having a week off with a loved one, the reasons for celebration travel go on and on. Achievements are only ever fully appreciated and realized when they are celebrated. What better way to motivate your way through 2017 than to reward the victories of the year, no matter how small.


Whatever travel trends you create this year, remember that experiential travels can create the strongest memories and most rewarding moments in life. Make this the year to get out and see the world, and drag a friend along with you!

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