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VIDEO: This flying gift experience is literally the most fun ever, watch

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How much do you trust your best friend?

Enough to let them fly a plane…with you in it.

We’d hazard a guess that this isn’t a question you ever thought you’d find yourself asking. But this is exactly what Poi and Dayton (of House Gamers Airsoft) thought when they found themselves as passengers, 3000ft above sea level, in one of our planes being flown over Squamish by their best friend, Tim.

Just to clarify, Tim is not a trained pilot. And his friend Poi is actually afraid of flying. Yet, as they boarded our plane for a flying gift experience at Squamish Airport all 3 could hardly hold back their excitement.

Flying a plane, Squamish

We hear you thinking “how can Tim fly a plane if he’s not a trained pilot?” and the answer is that Dayton and Poi booked Tim on our Introductory Flight Experience – a 60-minute flying gift experience for people who have always dreamed of sitting in the pilot seat of a small plane.

On his aviation gift experience, Tim learned the about foundations of flight, covered the essential principles of aviation, and gained first-hand experience at the controls of a Cessna 172 aircraft.

Just the look on Tim’s face at 2.07 minutes show you that this was definitely the best flying gift experience for him!

Video: Poi Apeles 

Flying gift experiences for him

Voted number 1 Outdoor Activity in Squamish, our flying gifts and experiences include floatplane trips, piloting experiences, and aerial sightseeing tours over Squamish and Whistler, BC. If you’re struggling with awesome gift ideas for him, the Introductory Flight Experience is guaranteed to be something he’ll never forget – and you can come along too.

As many of our guests will tell you, this is the perfect opportunity for him to tick flying a plane off his bucket list; and what better place to do it than amongst the spectacular coast mountains.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our guests have to say:

Review of aviation gift experience with Sea To Sky Air in Squamish


Review of flying gift experience with Sea To Sky Air in Squamish

Review of flying gift experience with Sea To Sky Air in Squamish