We Are Mountain Pilots

The complex beauty of the coastal range’s ever-changing weather, combined with the local geography of 8000ft peaks and plunging sea-level valleys requires navigation by a special type of pilot.

Our pilots go through rigorous in-house training specifically tailored for flying in the coast mountains of Squamish and Whistler, so that you can relax and fully immerse yourself in the experience and the endless jaw-dropping views.

You’ve probably heard of bush pilots. And you’ll certainly know the jetliner pilots that fly you on your international vacations. Now you’ve heard of mountain pilots.

Meet the Sea To Sky Air crew

Sea to Sky Air owner, and chief pilot, Carlo Galvani explains what drew him to Squamish and the beginning of our love affair with flying in the BC south coast mountains mountains.

David Eastwood

Base Manager, C172 Pilot & C185 Amphib Pilot
Born and raised in the UK, David moved to Canada following his love for the mountains. “I now cannot imagine anything other than waking up to sunrise on the mountains and the possibility of going skiing, biking and fishing all in the same day! The Sea To Sky corridor has provided me with many opportunities in life, from participating in Iron Man triathlons, competing at provincial level bobsledding on the Olympic track in Whistler, to having a professional career in aviation”. David, bought himself his very first flight lesson here in Squamish in 2011. “Three years and countless hours of studying later I could proudly call myself a commercial pilot”. One of the things that excites David most is the ability to share it all with guests. “We get to make people’s dreams come true. Seeing the beaming smiles created by such a unique perspective of this amazing environment never gets old”.

Vicky Grahn

C172 Pilot
An Alberta native, Vicky grew up in the interior of British Columbia. “Living in BC really sparked my love for the mountains and most of the activities I love to this day. Some of my favourite activities include hiking, biking, skiing and generally just being active. My father was really the one who inspired me to start my flying career.”
It was Vicky’s father who sparked the idea of becoming a pilot and was the one who pushed her to really go chase it! After graduating high school Vicky went straight into aviation and moved to the Fraser Valley in 2016, then Squamish in 2018.
“I have had the opportunity to fly most of the interior. Although, the west coast has truly been a dream come true. My favourite thing about flying in the Sea to Sky Corridor is that we get to experience the mountains and the ocean all in one flight”.

Bradon Koritar

C172 Pilot
Introduced to the world of aviation at the age 11, Bradon got the flying bug from a mentor and good friend. “He got me started as ground crew fueling for his aerial application and fire bombing companies, from then on I knew I was going to stay involved in aviation for the rest of my life”. Growing up in a small town in rural manitoba, Bradon’s aviation journey began in 2011 as crop spraying pilot. Being naturally hardwired as an athlete competing in water slalom skiing, wakeboarding, and racing motocross, Bradon was attracted to winter in the BC mountains. Starting a snowbiking and sledding business, and eventually an aerial tech company, pulled him to live full-time in BC where he completed his commercial pilot license and floatplane rating. “My draw to the mountains and passion for flying collided when I moved to Squamish, which had grown to be a destination spot for me over the years for many reasons. I’ve yet to see a place that has so much to offer from the sky and the ground. Whether you bring a $10k camera or an iPhone you’re going to get some amazing shots.”

Carlo Galvani

Owner, C172 Pilot & C185 Amphib Pilot
As a kid Carlo would watch floatplanes come and go near his family’s cabin the Cariboo/Chilcotin region, curiously wondering where they were heading and what they could see from their bird’s-eye-view. This sparked a passion for flying that didn’t necessarily start as a passion for aviation – more, an adventurous itch for “seeing what is over the next rise”. Today Carlo owns and operates two companies: Sea To Sky Air – a commercial air service focused on sharing the inspiration that comes with a new perspective of the local geography of the South Coast and Mountains; and A+G Reforestation, a silviculture company that plants over 4 million forest seedlings annually and provides ecosystem restoration, wildfire risk management and wildfire suppression services to the Province of BC and various municipalities.  “Both of these operations allow me to stay connected to those remote environments and communities that originally captured my imagination as a child, that curiosity to peek over the next rise, and the opportunity to continue to explore our relationships with the environment around us.”

Carlo Galvani smiling in front of mountains at Squamish Airport while wearing a Sea To Sky Air shirt

Katie Cowley

C172 Pilot
Katie grew up on the Sunshine Coast and moved to Vancouver in 2007. “When I moved I found a new passion for snowboarding and soon found myself moving to the ski resort of Whistler. I did my flight training part-time while competing in slopestyle snowboarding. I chose a career in aviation so I could keep the mountain lifestyle even after my competitive career”. Outside of snowboarding and flying Katie loves traveling, photography and surfing. “Most of my pilot training was here in Squamish and I found a whole new side of the mountains from the air. I fell in love with flying alongside the glaciers and backcountry that are so close to my home and heart!” Katie did her floatplane flying with Harbour Air in Vancouver and some tailwheel flying in California. “I absolutely love jumping into a new plane or flying in a new place, but it’s pretty hard to beat the mountains around my home. No matter how long you’ve flown here there is always something new and amazing to discover”.

Dominic Beaumont

C172 Pilot
Also from the UK, Dominic first visited the Sea to Sky Corridor in 2008 on a working holiday. “After returning to the UK I wasn’t satisfied, I wanted more than just the normal 9 to 5. So in 2013 I moved back out to start a new life”. This new back yard inspired Dominic to go out and live one adventure after another “Hiking, camping, snowboarding, climbing, it’s all here”. Dominic has a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Technology, and completed his commercial pilots license in Vancouver. “I have gained all of my experience flying around these hills. No two days are the same. There’s always something new and spectacular to see that really blows your mind. I love scoping out new peaks to summit or plateaus to camp on and there’s no better view than a sunrise over the distant peaks and the smell of fresh coffee brewing on the camp stove”.