Mother’s Day
Introductory Flight Experience

Fly an aircraft through the coast mountains


Top Altitude
Above Sea Level
Area Covered
Square Kilometres

Add Friends & Family Ride-Along, $80 for 2 people

Ride-along with your Mom as she flys you over Squamish & through the Coast Mountains


Re-imagine flying from the pilot’s seat and learn the basic techniques & maneuvers for handling an aircraft in flight

Learn the fundamentals of aviation in a detailed ground briefing with your personal pilot & Cessna 172 plane

Soar like the eagles. See Squamish and the Coast Mountains as you’ve never seen it before

Land feeling exhilarated, after making memories that will last a lifetime

Book the Friends & Family Ride-Along: select “2” as in the Share the Experience drop down and use code “WeLoveMoms” at checkout.

Learn the basic techniques and manoeuvres of flight from the exhilarating position of the pilot’s seat with our professional pilot showing you the ropes.

Rain, shine, or snow this our most popular flight experience. Use the calendar to choose a date or click the “buy as a gift card” button to buy this flight experience as a gift card for future use.

As many of our guests will tell you, this is the perfect opportunity to tick flying a plane off your bucket list; and what better place to do it than amongst the spectacular coast mountains.

Book the Introductory Fight Experience for one person ($249), or add the Mother’s Day Friends & Family Ride-Along and get two additional sightseeing passengers for only $80 ($40 each).

Don’t just take our work for how awesome this is, see what our guests have to say bottom of this page.


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Guest reviews of our Flying Experience Gift

“In spite of my nervousness the pilot coached my through a few climbs, descents and turns and showed me how to trim the tabs to get a feeling for how the plane responded to each. How exhilarating!”Jerryk883
“Our pilot/teacher was great, he made the experience very fun and took the nerves away 100%. This was a surprise gift and the person who was going to do the flying was extremely nervous and unsure, he made the situation light and casual, she ended up loving the experience.”Arielh115

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