Flying past Skypilot peak with Sea To Sky Air | p: skiiercarter via Instagram

5 Facts About Skypilot Mountain to Impress Your Friends Next Time You’re In Squamish

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Skypilot Mountain in Squamish, BC

Relatively out of reach until the past couple of years, Skypilot stands tall over Britannia Beach and Squamish. Here are 5 little tidbits about one of our favourite (and relatively unknown) gems of the Sea to Sky Corridor.

1. It’s Almost As Tall As Whistler Mountain

Hidden out of sight quite often from the valley, Skypilot is one of the most spectacular peaks around. Tall enough to be free from glacial erosion at 6663 feet, it’s peak is only 500 feet shy of Whistler mountain. Being this high above sea level the peaks often reach beyond the clouds to create memorizing other-wordly scenes.

2. World-Class Ski Touring

The terrain beneath Skypilot contains some of the most beautiful ski touring options for miles around. Most definitely advanced terrain, it is not for the faint of heart or the uneducated. But incentives to get outside and learn how to play safely in the mountains don’t get much stronger than this.

3. Skypilot Has Its Own Beer

You know you’ve truly arrived when you have your own beer named after you! Our friends at Howe Sound Brewing created the Skypilot Pale Ale back in 2014 to celebrate the launch of the Sea to Sky Gondola.

4. Skypilot Feeds Into Shannon Falls

The third largest waterfall in British Columbia, Shannon Falls is fed by the basin that forms underneath Skypilot. Rain water and melt water from snow find the easiest path down the mountainside, and the basin helps to collect the vast quantities of water required to create one of the Sea To Sky Highway’s most well known views.

5. You Can Get To Skypilot Peak In Less Than 10 Minutes

Admittedly this one seems a bit of a stretch, most summits over 6000′ take a lot of time and experience to climb! However, on a Sea To Skypilot tour this is totally accurate. Take in all of the best that only the most hardened climbers get to witness first hand, from the comfort of your very own window seat.

Happy exploring!

p.s. Who else can’t wait for summer to arrive, now?