Meet The Sea To Sky Air Pilots

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Hidden away behind locked cockpit doors and whizzing past you at check-in with their cabin crew, pilots are an elusive bunch that most people never have the chance to meet.  This is not the case at Sea To Sky Air.

In our cosy four-seater planes you sit right next to the pilot as though you’ve got your own private plane. And, unlike most other sightseeing operators, you can speak to your pilot directly (and each other) through our two-way headsets. It’s this intimate experience of sharing the magical feeling of flying through the coast mountains that our pilots love.

We are mountain pilots

Heard of bush pilots? How about mountain pilots… Sea to Sky Air owner, Carlo, explains what drew him to Squamish and the beginning of our love affair with flying in the BC mountains.

Now it is time to put faces to names of some of the best pilots in the Sea To Sky region.

Carlo Galvani

Carlo Galvani Headshot, Sea To Sky Air Pilot & Owner

Pilot & Owner

“I grew up predominately on the North Shore near Vancouver with a period of time on the Sunshine Coast.  Moved to Ontario for my University years and promptly returned back west.  I’ve spent time living and working all over BC but Squamish is where I hang my headset.”

Favourite sightseeing flight: Phantom Lake Explorer

What are your top 3 out of work activities?:

Well, if flying floatplanes into Alpine Lakes doesn’t count as ‘out of work activity’, then I’d have to say:

  • Skiing
  • Camping/Exploring/Traveling
  • Sitting outside with my morning coffee

Eric Lightfoot

Headshot of Eric Lightfoot, Sea To Sky Air Pilot


“I learned to fly in the province I was born in – Ontario. After I had improved my pilot chops for a few years, I decided it was time to find the job I really wanted in British Columbia. So here I am! I was lucky enough to move directly to Squamish having absolutely NO IDEA how awesome it was!”

Favourite sightseeing flight: Introductory Flight Experience

What are your top 3 out of work activities?:

  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Patio-ing (yes that’s a thing!)


Headshot of David Eastwood, Sea To Sky Air Pilot


“Born and raised in the UK just south of London I moved to Whistler in 2007 and never looked back. Whistler is where I now call home, possibly giving me the title of “world’s most beautiful commute!” Being able to combine my love of flying with spending time in the mountains really is a life dream coming true on a daily basis!”

Favourite sightseeing flight: The Whistler Backcountry Air Safari

What are your top 3 out of work activities?:

  • Bobsledding, winning the BC cup in 2014 and 2015
  • Skiing, ski touring, mountain biking, camping. Any excuse to be in the mountains!
  • Triathlon, completed my first ironman in 2013