Sea To Sky Air Featured In National Geographic Traveller 2017

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Being outdoor explorers, from a young age we grew up reading National Geographic and dreaming of all the places we’d travel and all the amazing things we were going see and do in our lifetimes.

We didn’t think that one day we’d actually be featured in National Geographic Traveller UK as part of The Collection for 2017. Representing Squamish, British Columbia, and Canada to travellers from across the Atlantic make us so very proud and moves us one step closer to achieving our mission:

“Promoting environmental awareness and protection of our region by taking 1,000,000 people into the Squamish wilderness, regardless of their age or fitness level”

National Geographic Traveller is one of the most widely read magazines in the world, known for curating some of the most exciting and intrepid travel experiences from destinations all over the globe. We feel privileged to be able to say that the destination of Squamish and our sightseeing tour company, Sea To Sky Air, now joins the list of incredible experiences to be featured by National Geographic Traveller.

Here is an excerpt from the full article. It perfectly describes everything we love about where we live and what we do.


Sea To Sky Air as featured in National Geographic Traveller Luxury Collection

Squamish, a curious traveller’s paradise – excerpt from Nat Geo Traveller


Sitting at the meeting point of alpine forest, river falls, the Pacific Ocean and the towering Canadian Cascade Range, Squamish is a curious traveller’s paradise. Here lies an enchanted coastal landscape at the heart of British Columbia’s endangered Pacific Temperate Rainforest Ecoregion. Just a glance from the downtown area of Squamish, volcanoes dominate the horizon, glaciers carve away at mountainsides and small islands, once hundreds of miles offshore, are now clustered together in an island hopper’s paradise.
  Nat Geo Images Sea To Sky Air

Sea To Sky Air provides a unique way to explore the abundant natural beauty of the area, offering seven unique sightseeing tours for an unforgettable experience. Take to the skies with experienced, local pilots who have been living, skiing, hiking and flying in the region for more than 20 years.

Sea To Sky Air is a sustainable and environmentally conscious company designed with admiration, understanding, and respect for the rich natural beauty of the coast mountains. Their mission is to promote environmental protection and awareness of the region by taking 1,000,000 people into the Squamish wilderness in the hope that travellers will want to help protect the area after witnessing its stunning natural beauty.

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