World First for the Stawamus Chief

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Corbel 3D and Sea To Sky Air

Recently, Sea To Sky Air partnered with Corbel3D to make history in the Sea to Sky Corridor.

They approached us with a very ambitious project, the likes of which has never been attempted before. Their goal was to take aerial photography of the Stawamus Chief from every angle. Utilizing their ground breaking new technology the pictures taken whilst flying with us will then be translated into a 3D image. Using one of the most advanced 3D printers in Canada this image can be printed to create the worlds first 3D rendered model of the Chief.

Sounds easy, right?!

Well with meticulous planning, the right attitude and a little help from the weather gods anything can be done! Considerations such as the lighting from the sun, how the wind coming in from the Howe Sound would affect our flight routing and of course the safety measures that have to be taken into account for this unique flight.

With our routing thoroughly briefed it was time to head out to the aircraft and put all the ground work into practice. For a little under an hour we circled around the chief at 6 different altitudes, capturing well over 650 different images of the chief in all its beauty. Landing back at Squamish airport everyone had a great sense of accomplishment and it was a job well done. We had both taken on a large task and succeeded!

Corbel 3D and STSA 1

With the aerial photography completed and the plane cleaned up for its next flight the ball fell into Corbel 3D’s court.

We waited with much excitement to see the finished project of this partnership between Sea To Sky Air and Corbel 3D. It was worth the wait!

On Tuesday September 30th we together unveiled the finished project in the Squamish Adventure Centre. It will remain there for a few weeks before Corbel 3D take the model on a tour around BC.

Corbel 3D and STSA 2

It was a lot of fun working with Corbel 3D, and showed us that there is always something new to discover!

Sea To Sky Air Pilot