Top gun Meme: Goose-Danger-Zone-Bro

New GForce Flight Tips Squamish Sightseeing On Its Head (almost)

In Squamish Things To Do by Vicky Farrand

We’re trying something new…and we’re looking for local adrenaline-hunters to preview our first white-knuckle flight.

Inspired by Top Gun (of course), the new flight is called the GForce and will push passengers through a series of twists, turns, steep descents, and g-loading maneuvers as our pilots play their way down (with you on board) from 4000ft to 2000ft right over the Howe Sound and Squamish mountains.

We’re always being asked by guests if we can “pull some G’s”, but on our regular sightseeing tours not everyone onboard has the stomach to handle it. So we specifically designed the GForce flight to feed the curiosity of the dare-devils out there; and because it’s like nothing else we’ve ever done, we want Sea To Sky locals to come and try a preview flight before anyone else.

Price: 3 people fly for $201
Why $201?: It’s a random number, we know, but we wanted to give you the best preview deal and that’s what it came out at
Book here:

Or, if you need some coaching into it, check out the GForce flight page or speak to one of our pilots on 604 898 1975.

Like Goose said (maybe)… “do you even Danger Zone, bro?”