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Re-imagine flying by handling the controls of the aircraft in flight

Bring extra friends with you to share the experience, or extend your flight to go farther and choose your route

The best gift experience for someone you know is the Introductory Flight Experience!

All ages (as long as you can see over the cockpit dashboard) can get in the driver’s seat with our hour-long Introductory Flight Experience. Learn the basic techniques and maneuvers of flight from the exhilarating position of the co-pilot’s seat with a professional pilot showing you the ropes.

As many of our guests will tell you, this is the perfect opportunity to tick flying a plane off your bucket list; and what better place to do it than amongst the spectacular coast mountains.

Booking a Kid’s Introductory Flight Experience
Adults accompanying children on the Introductory Flight Experience get their seats for only $54.

To sit in the co-pilot’s seat and take the controls your child must be able to see over the cockpit dashboard.
If you’re uncertain about whether your child is tall enough, please call our base at Squamish Airport and speak to one of our pilots directly on + 1 604 898 1975.

Before taking to the skies the pilot will talk you through the foundations of flight, cover the essential principles of aviation, and explain what it will be like when you take the controls of the plane as the co-pilot.

Once you’re feeling confident you’ll be given a safety briefing by the pilot. Then it’s time to take the bull by the horns and learn some real flying skills in a 30 minute adventure over the Squamish valley.

Are you excited yet?

Good to know: Flying in our aircraft is just like driving in a car, with ventilation and heating control. Simply dress for the season and sunglasses are recommended. All ages can participate in a flight. Children up to 2 years old are considered infants, and must sit on the lap of a responsible guardian. Children older than 2 must have their own seat in the aircraft.

Kids: Children love the Introductory Flight Experience more than anyone else. The next best thing would be driving a digger or a train! If you’d like to book this flight for a child, please call and speak to one of our pilots on +1 604 898 1795 so we can ensure that they meet the height requirements.

This flight can be booked in both summer & winter

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$54: Bring Friends Or Family Along For The Ride

All of our planes have four seats. One for you, one for the pilot, and two spare. Our Share The Experience option allows you to bring along friends to fill these seats at a reduced rate of $54 each. This is one of our most popular add-ons for people buying the Introductory Flight Experience as a gift because the gift-giver gets to come along, too! Win win.

Guest reviews of our Squamish attractions

“In spite of my nervousness the pilot coached my through a few climbs, descents and turns and showed me how to trim the tabs to get a feeling for how the plane responded to each. How exhilarating!”Jerryk883
“Our pilot/teacher was great, he made the experience very fun and took the nerves away 100%. This was a surprise gift and the person who was going to do the flying was extremely nervous and unsure, he made the situation light and casual, she ended up loving the experience.”Arielh115

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