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Work with our commercial pilots to design the perfect shoot for your project in Squamish, Whistler or Vancouver

Looking out of an open window in a small airplane directly onto the Black Tusk near Whistler, BC

We are Strategic, Not Lucky

Sea To Sky Air pilots receive specific training for aerial photography and film flights. We’ve been told our reliable and repeatable flights let you focus on the result rather than the process. After listening to the specifics of the project your pilot will build a custom flight plan tailored to your unique goals. The plan will include considerations such as: how sunlight and shadows will be cast on desired aspects at certain times of day, suggested elevation changes and timing, and recommendations based on an intimate knowledge of the south coast mountains. 

Dan Carr landscape photographer shooting mountains in winter through open window in Sea To Sky Air’s small plane

Client Spotlight

Jeff Thomas Creative


Whistler Blackcomb commissioned Jeff to capture the story of Dan Carr, a local professional landscape and wildlife photographer. Dan is a veteran when it comes to aerial photography and for this project he insisted that Jeff use our small planes for a more intimate perspective.


“The crew understood exactly what we were hoping to capture and had the ability to execute it. Their location and proximity to incredible terrain and diverse landscape is unrivalled. Ocean meets the mountains and everything in between!”

Pilot Vicky Grahn guiding a Photoshoot of the Squamish Valley in fall

Your Guides For The Perfect Shot

Our local knowledge is essential for crews shooting in the mountains of Squamish, Whistler and Vancouver, BC. The Sea To Sky Corridor is full of amazing surprises once you get out there. Think of us like mountain guides, constantly calculating the best routes and decisions along the way. Our two-way headsets are great for collaboration on the fly. So if you see something you just have to shoot that wasn’t in the plan, or you have a new creative idea along the way, we’ve got your back. 



“As a professional photographer, working with Sea to Sky Air has been absolutely incredible. It's allowed me to appreciate nature in a new way and has given me the opportunity to photograph many otherworldly landscapes hidden in the backcountry. A bonus has been how knowledgeable the pilots are about the area and how they point out the subtle details that can be easy to miss like the hidden valleys of the Squamish Chief or the shadows of ice-covered trees. I highly recommend Sea to Sky Air”

Ian Harland, Photographer

“Twice I’ve been on an aerial shoot with Sea to Sky Air and twice I’ve come away grateful for the opportunity to experience the Coast Mountains in such a wondrous way. Each time I’ve come away with some really memorable photos!”

David McColm, Night Sky Photographer

“Sea to Sky Air is a great company to work with. We filmed with them for a Tourism Squamish campaign to capture their planes from a helicopter. Communication and safety were essential and the pilots were very professional. The team understood how important these shots were to the campaign and they did above and beyond to what was requested of them. Everyone at Sea to Sky Air is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to filming with them again!”

Patrick Henry, Producer, TOPO Films

Sea To Sky Air plane flying over a silhouette of the Tantalus Range at sunset

Client Spotlight

TOPO Films. Tourism Squamish


Commissioned by Tourism Squamish, TOPO Films created a promotional video for the Hardwired For Adventure campaign. Scenic flightseeing was a featured activity in the video, requiring air-to-air videography to capture our planes in flight.


“Sea To Sky Air is a great company to work with. Communication and safety were essential and the pilots were very professional. The team understood how important these shots were to the campaign and they did above and beyond to what was requested of them…we look forward to filming with them again!”

Affordable Aerial Photography

The greatly reduced costs of operating fixed-wing aircraft is a saving that has noticeable impacts. Firstly the affordability of fixed-wing aircraft allows for a less stressful shoot. “Can we give that shot one more pass?” is no longer a question of budget. And in this more relaxed environment you will be surprised how often you get the shot on the first pass – especially with the smooth ride that a fixed-wing aircraft provides! Secondly, our operating window is much larger for the price making hard-to-reach places now a reality. Concerned about snow conditions ahead of a ski shoot? Scout the conditions from the air for a fraction of the cost of a helicopter.


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