Work & Play Amongst The Mountains

Every day is epic when your “office” is high above the south coast mountains of Squamish, BC

Flying in Paradise

Mountain flying is some of the most rewarding flying you’ll ever do in your life. The views are spectacular. Peaks rise out of the Pacific Ocean, islands dot the coastline, and glaciers shape the valleys.  The weather changes quickly and each season brings new and exciting conditions to master. No two days are the same.


We’re looking for pilots who are as excited about the natural world as we are. Who find enjoyment in sharing what you learn and love about the Sea To Sky Corridor. At Sea To Sky Air you’re a pilot-guide. Educating guests about the region, it’s geography, geology, history, and culture is what makes us The #1 Flightseeing Company in Canada on TripAdvisor. 

flying in paradise

Small Team. Big Goals.

Big can mean different things to different people. To us it means having a positive impact on the lives of our employees, their families, the community, our guests, and the environment. We’re in this for the long game, for the generations ahead of us. Thinking 100 years down the road means building a work-life balance that is sustainable, relationships that thrive at home and at work, a renewed connection to the land, and a business that can evolve with new technologies and fuels. We seek profits on our activities so we can continue to invest in the future of our employees, the region and the industry. Read more about our mission here.

"Working at Sea To Sky Air enables you to combine your passions and your career. We are incredibly fortunate in having the opportunity to share these beautiful mountains that we call home with awestruck guests, and every single flight provides you with its own special moment and takeaway. The world class flying environment may speak for itself, but the ability to make a genuine impact on the lives of others, both guests and fellow co-workers is an incredibly humbling and rewarding experience."

David Eastwood

David Eastwood
Chief Pilot, C172 & C185 Amphib


Entry-level C172 Pilot - Position filled
Part-Time, Seasonal 2024

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Seasonal dates
Position filled

Min requirements
CPL, OFA Level 1

Benefits Package
N/A for seasonal staff.

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C-185 Amphibious
Part-time, Seasonal

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Seasonal dates
June – October

Min requirements
CPL, OFA Level 1.

500 hours total time, 

50 hours float PIC time, preference for any amphib experience

Benefits Package
N/A for seasonal staff

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    Black Tusk, arguably the crown jewel of the Garibaldi Provincial Park. Soon to be painted white with the winter snow! 🌨
    It feels very powerful in this year of uncertainty taking a moment to remember those that gave so much. Lest we forget.
    Never ending adventures around every corner, with views guaranteed to leave you feeling connected and inspired. 📸 ianharlandphoto
    Winter is well on its way, and we couldn’t be more excited to explore the Coast Mountains wearing her updated wardrobe! Mother Nature is always in season! 😁 📸 ianharlandphoto