Promote environmental
awareness & protection
of the Squamish wilderness

Our mission is simple, but from the heart. We believe that for humans to want to protect any piece of pristine wilderness they must first know the exhilaration that comes from spending time in the mountains and oceans.

Sea To Sky Air was created so that you don’t have to be a seasoned hiker, a backpacker, or a bold adventurer to experience the super, natural Squamish attractions that lay in our protected parks, ecological reserves, and conservancies. In our small aircraft and floatplanes everyone has the chance to experience the enjoyment of being amongst ancient mountains, plateaus, valleys, lakes, rivers, fjords, and wetlands, without the need for expert knowledge or backcountry equipment.

We hope that once you see what’s out there you’ll want to protect it, too.

How you can help us achieve this important goal

1. Talk About Squamish: Aim to plant a seed of curiosity with at least one person you meet each day. Interactions as small as recommending your favourite things to do in Squamish with a stranger in a coffee shop are one of the most effective ways to share first-hand knowledge of our region.
2. Take Photos of Squamish attractions and activities: A picture speaks a 1000 words and most of us carry around a small camera all day, every day on our smart phones. Selfies, mountainscapes, sunrises, lake views, forest trails, capture it all. Aim to take three photos a week of things, places, even people in Squamish that really inspire you to get outdoors.
3. Share Photos of Things to do in Squamish: Social media is one of the most powerful spheres of influence that we all have at our disposal. No longer does online media have to be dominated by ads. Together, let’s change the message: “do more, buy less”. Tag your photos #SeaToSkyAir or #ExploreSquamish and we’ll like the photo and follow you on your social media channels.

"our best hope of saving the environment is to get more people into it"

– David Suzuki

We strive everyday to build a better business. A business with a conscience that’s plugged in to our community and our environment.
We’ll let Carlo (owner & pilot at Sea To Sky Air) take it from here, and let him explain to you why flying in the Coast Mountains is so special.