Prehistoric Glacier Express

British Columbia’s Iconic Glacier Air Tour


Top Altitude
Above Sea Level
Area Covered
Square Kilometres

Experience the glacier lover’s dream flight

Witness the stark beauty and dimension of an unreachable land

Emerge from the heart of the coast mountains of BC forever changed

Let your expert pilot-guide show you these glaciers in a way that will leave you spellbound.

The Prehistoric Glacier Express transports you back 10,000 years, in any season and at any time of day. This experience will show you the heart of the coast mountains. A force of nature that is responsible for carving and sculpting valleys in a in a way that no other element of nature could. You won’t be able to hold your camera up.

There are glaciers and then there are GLACIERS. In the Squamish watershed – some 2,600 square kilometers in size – there are glaciers the size of small towns parked one after the other on sheer granite descents, flowing slowly down 8,000ft knife-edged ridge lines carved by their preceding ancient ice flows.
Good to know: Flying in our aircraft is just like driving in a car, with ventilation and heating control. Simply dress for the season and sunglasses are recommended. All ages can participate in a flight. Children up to 2 years old are considered infants, and must sit on the lap of a responsible guardian. Children older than 2 must have their own seat in the aircraft.

This flight can be booked in both summer & winter

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Make Memories Just For Two

All of our planes have 3 passenger seats, if you’d like to have the plane to yourself you can “Make It Private” by purchasing the remaining 3rd seat for a reduced rate. This is one of our most popular add-ons with our guests. It’s also perfect if you’re buying the Prehistoric Glacier Express gift card for a birthday, a surprise adventure, or wedding gift.

Guest reviews of our Squamish attractions

“We were thrilled with choosing Sea to Sky Air for our 50 minute sightseeing tour of the Squamish area. The staff was enthusiastic and informative. Our pilot was professional, knowledgable and personable. We enjoyed every moment and have many breathtaking photos to memorialize our visit. Don’t forget to bring a camera. We would highly recommend this tour and this company.”Lizv920
“Best 60th birthday surprise. Everyone should have this experience, you will never forget, the views the exitement and the feeling to fly”Rudi H
“I went on a glacier tour today and this was by far the best flying sightseeing experience to be had! The sights were breathtaking and the commentary by the pilot was informative and delightful. All in all a great way to fully embrace this beautiful country”Celine G

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