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Things to do in Squamish: 13 summer flightseeing photos that will leave you in love with BC

In Adventure Inspiration by Vicky Farrand

Outdoor Recreation Capital of Canada. Now, that’s a big title for a small town.

But if you ask anyone who has visited Squamish, BC they’ll tell you that it more than lives up to the name!

As with all adventure towns, the most memorable and exciting experiences involve around getting yourself to epic places by epic means. Whether that’s Squamish hikes, legendary climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, sailing, or hopping in an aeroplane, sightseeing is one of the most popular things to do in Squamish with both locals and tourists, alike.

With all this choice, deciding what to do in Squamish in the time you have can be hard. There is just so much to see and do that most guests find themselves returning for a second trip, as each day they uncover new areas of this coastal town surrounded by one of the worlds most magnificent mountain ranges, the Cascade Mountains.

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Squamish, BC: Canada points of interest gaining global recognition

Voted one of the Top 52 Places To Go in 2015 by the New York Times, Squamish has been climbing the must-see travel destination list for some time now, and in 2017 Sea To Sky Air was featured in National Geographic’s Luxury Traveller Collection highlighted alongside some of the best Canadian points of interest from across the country.

What used to be a sleepy logging town has boomed into one of the most accessible locations for families, couples, and solo travellers looking for world-class landscape and transformational experiences in a super, natural place with a local vibe.

Squamish, adventure centre of Canada: activities do to in the summer

When you Google “things to do in Squamish” you’ll notice that the region’s stunning Squamish hikes make up most of the top 10. And with good reason, places like Elfin Lakes, the Black Tusk and Garibaldi Lake are some of the best things to do in BC, not only in Squamish! But, if you find yourself in Squamish without your hiking boots and tent the next best thing to do is a flightseeing tour that will hit all of the major Squamish attractions.

Flightseeing by plane is a much more affordable way to see all of Squamish (and Whistler) from a birds-eye-view when compared to the cost of a helicopter tour. With most of the iconic Squamish landmarks taking a full day to reach on foot via sometimes difficult hiking trails, it can be hard to choose which to prioritise.

Over the years, we’ve found that most of our summer guests are families and couples who want the get the best bang for their buck, visiting all the iconic Squamish landmarks in one day, and doing so from a unique perspective for incredible photos!

Our favourite things to do in Squamish by plane

We have 7 Squamish sightseeing tours that take guests to ancient glaciers, towering mountain ranges, and hidden alpine lakes with sandy beaches. To help you choose and make the most of your time in Squamish, here is a list of our most popular destinations as chosen by guests from their flightseeing tours with us:

  1. Garibaldi Lake
  2. The Tantalus Range
  3. Phantom Lake
  4. The Black Tusk
  5. The Howe Sound and Islands
  6. Shannon Falls
  7. Lake Lovely Water
  8. Rumbling Glacier
  9. The Stawamus Chief

To further set the travel inspiration juices flowing,  below are 13 of our favourite guest photos from our summer flightseeing tours.

Enjoy! We hope we get to show you them in person, soon.

13 summer flightseeing photos that will leave you in love with BC

1. Soaring over Squamish and the Howe Sound

2. Taking a dip at 3000ft after landing on Phantom Lake by floatplae

Pretty great, eh? ✨

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3. Shoulder-to-shoulder with the mighty Tantalus Range

4. Lining up to land on Phantom Lake near Mount Jimmy Jimmy

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5. Sunrise over Mount Price and the legendary Garibaldi Lake

6. Landing at Squamish Airport nestled at the base of the Coast Mountains Batholith

7. Let your hair down on a warm summer evening over Garibaldi Provincial Park

8. Kayaking in a fly-in only emerald green glacial lake

9. Golden hour over Lake Lovely Water

10. Enjoying the cooler air over picturesque Levette Lake

So many lakes around BC. Feels like everyday I hear about, or go to a new one.

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11. Swooping over Panorama Ridge and Garibaldi Lake for a better look

12. Black Tusk merging from the clouds over Taylor Meadows

13. Step into our glacial time machine at Clendenning Provincial Park