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A Local’s Perspective of The Squamish Explorer Guided Scenic Flight

If you’re a local of the Sea to Sky Corridor, there’s a good chance you’re here for some of the same reasons we are: skiing, biking, hiking, kayaking, and exploring some of the most unique landscapes where towering mountains and scenic waters collide. BC is a way of life, and it’s one we feel so fortunate to experience. We love exploring the vast terrain by foot and equally from above – flying high and experiencing the terrain from a new perspective. We might be biased, but flying over the land we’re so fortunate to recreate in gives us a deeper understanding and appreciation of where we get to live our lives. One of our favourite guided scenic flights for locals to join us on is the Squamish Explorer because it does just that, provides a new vantage point of all the incredible geological features that make up the rugged terrain of the Sea to Sky Corridor.

Mountain Peaks

We see the Tantalus Range all the time from the Sea to Sky Highway – magnificent, towering mountains looming in the distance. But can you imagine the new perspective of flying over them? Soaring over the peaks of the Alpha, Ossa, and Omega Mountains will leave you wide-eyed and breathless. This unique vantage point gives you an up-close and personal look at the thousands of years of history that made these mountains. These high, craggy peaks stand out because of the incredible history that formed them. These mountain peaks are the sections of land that were spared during the Ice Age, remaining above the 2km thick glacier that slowly moved into what is now the Howe Sound. From a birds-eye view, you can experience the thousands of years of slow movement that formed these awe-inspiring peaks.

hanging glacier on squamish explorer flight


The glaciers that formed the magical landscape we are so fortunate to live, work, and play in are a sight to behold from above. Backcountry travellers can experience some of these by foot, but accessing the magnificent glaciers is no simple task. For locals who dream of witnessing these breathtaking monoliths, flying over them is a unique alternative to experience the glaciers of the Coast Mountains. Soaring over the Rumbling, Serratus, and Zenith glaciers provides the opportunity to take in the exceptional size and magnitude of these slow-moving artists, crafting and shaping the stunning landscapes of the Coast Mountains. What we see today are the remains of thousands of years of melt and erosion. Flying high above gives us a glimpse into the past and helps us imagine the geological wonders that created the natural playground we enjoy today.

Lakes & The Howe Sound

The aforementioned glaciers not only had their hand in creating the mountain peaks, valleys, and landscapes of the Coast Mountains, but they also played a part in shaping the exquisite water features of the area. As glaciers move, erode, and melt they fill cirques and basins with emerald green water and form stunning lakes like Lake Lovely Water. As locals, we love exploring these areas on foot, yet at the same time, can’t help but to fall for the views from high above. Seeing stunning emerald green lakes and the magnitude of the Howe Sound from a new angle helps to transform and deepen our connection and understanding with the nature that surrounds us. Imagining the slow-moving glacier that flowed down to what’s now the Howe Sound, smoothing out the rocks & hills of the surrounding landscape, helps us grasp the geological history of the Coast Mountains. This in turn makes us want to protect this area even more, and we hope it does the same for you. Get a taste of the Squamish Explorer Guided Scenic Flight in the video below, and come join us in seeing your home from a new perspective.


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  • $204 CAD per person
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