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Piloting a Plane is the Ultimate Squamish Adventure

Have you ever dreamt of piloting a plane? We can say from experience that we have, and it was a driving force that spurred us to turn passion into a career. Piloting a plane over Squamish is one of the most incredible adventures, not only of the thrill of flying, but taking in some of the most pristine landscapes from above is a transformative experience. All the crew members at Sea to Sky Air have extensive training and experience required to operate the plane, but you can get a taste of what it’s like to be a pilot on our Introduction to Flight Experience.

How Does it Work?

You might be wondering how in the world you’ll be able to pilot a plane without undergoing the years of training our experienced pilots have? First and foremost, you’ll be in the co-pilot seat under the watchful guidance of one of our seasoned pilots. But before you strap in and glide off the runway into the scenic Squamish skies, you’ll start with an extremely informative ground briefing. This ground briefing will cover a few fundamentals that any want-to-be pilot needs to know: the theory of lift, visual flight rules, how flaps help generate lift at slower speeds, how to read and understand the cockpit instrumentation, and what on earth ailerons are! Then under the watchful guidance of your pilot put your knowledge to practice in the skies above beautiful Squamish, British Columbia.

A Unique Squamish Adventure

Not only will you feel the incredible thrill of piloting a plane, but the entire experience will be one of the most unique Squamish Adventures you can imagine. Along the flight, you’ll take in a new perspective of the geological formations that make the Coast Mountains so renowned. On the southerly portion of the flight, you’ll soar over the Howe Sound, out to Anvil Island. Viewing the water from above, the islands speckling the Howe Sound in the distance will offer a new perspective of the vastness of the coastline. On the northerly portion of the guided flight, you’ll take in mountains of epic proportions like Mount Garibaldi, the Tantalus Range & Cloudburst Mountain. Last, but certainly not least, soaring past the world-famous granite monolith, The Stawamus Chief, will leave you awestruck. Piloting a plane while soaring past these world-renowned geological formations is an unforgettable Squamish experience.

Share the Experience

Who doesn’t love sharing epic experiences with loved ones? All of our planes have four seats. One for you, one for the pilot, and two in the back. And while you might have your eyes and mind focused on the experience of piloting a plane for the first time, your friends can come along and take in all the breathtaking views along the way. Special to the Introduction to Flight Experience, we offer a Share The Experience option that allows friends to fill these seats at a reduced rate of $80 each. This is perfect if you’re buying the Introduction To Flight Experience as a gift, or if you want your loved ones to join you on your bucket list experience.

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  • $259 CAD
  • 60 minutes
  • 365 Days per Year
  • 150+ Square Kilometres Covered


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