Glaciers deep in the Squamish backcountry


Glacier Hunting from the Air – A must do in Squamish

Glacier. Everyone has heard of the term and most people think they know what they are (or so they think). But to go out and see a glacier in person requires many hours of training, lots of safety knowledge and an advanced level of fitness. Or does it?

Squamish is located right at the mouth of the Howe Sound and the beautiful Coast Mountains making it a unique place to go glacier hunting. After just 10 minutes of exploring in a plane on the Prehistoric Glaciers & Peaks, views that are usually reserved for nature documentaries are right in front of your eyes, making it one of the best things to do in Squamish.

Glacier Swimming

Spending time in the lakes that they create doesn’t have to involve hours of arduous trekking. Glaciers hold approximately 69% of the worlds fresh water, and as this water melts and feeds in to the terrain below glacial lakes are formed. Hearing roaring waterfalls surrounding you as you step off your own private float plane at a secluded glacial lake before diving in has to be on any adventurer’s bucket list.

Glacier Hunting

Soaring near them gives you a whole new appreciation for the scale of nature. Pulling over to the side of the road to look at a glacier is one thing, but to be amongst them, watching them interact with the terrain and how they flow into the valleys below can only be experienced from the air. With so many glaciers surrounding Squamish it is no surprise that the Squamish Explorer is one of the most popular things to do in Squamish.

Glacier Colours

Glaciers are visible year round in many different forms. Glacial flour is formed as glaciers flow like rivers and grate across the surface of the earth grinding bedrock into a fine powdery surface. When this rock flour enters a lake, something magical takes place. Since it’s too fine to sink, the material may get suspended and turn the water turquoise. Many of the lakes around us owe their beauty to the glaciers high above them, most notably Garibaldi Lake in the Garibaldi Provincial Park.

At Sea To Sky Air we are passionate about promoting awareness and protection of the mountains and glaciers. Our pilots are lucky enough to be able to spend time with guests in a truly remarkable setting, and experiencing its true wilderness first hand is to truly appreciate beautiful British Columbia.

Plus “glacier hunting by air” just has to be one of the coolest sounding activities that we can think of!

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