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3 Iconic Sightseeing Flights Vancouver Locals Must Do This Summer

Whether it’s over fjords and coastal mountains to a quick beach break at a hanging lake 2900ft above sea level, getting a birds-eye-view in a private sightseeing plane will be something you’ll never forget.

Here are our tip 3 guided scenic flights just 40-mins north of Vancouver, as recommended by our guests.

Vancouver’s best sights are not in downtown

Vancouver is one of the most unique places in the world. One of only a small handful of cities that has a sprawling urban core tip-toeing on the doorstep of wild, untamed rainforest. When you’re feeling small among the skyscrapers of down town, it can be hard to make out even the closest peaks. To get a true sense of the scale of the landscape that lay on your doorstep you have to get above ground level. This scenic flight will take you to Vancouver’s most-visited protected area, Garibaldi Provincial Park. Black Tusk, Table Mountain and Mt Garibaldi are all under the Lions watchful eye in this photo, but soaring amongst them and experiencing this first hand is a unique experience.

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Technically a "Vista" would not likely be presented in a photograph captured in portrait orientation, but this image of the Black Tusk and the run-off channels from the melting snow made for a beautiful scene for me anyway. The bonus of sneaking in Garibaldi Mountain, the Sky Pilot group and even the two Lions in the distance added some quirky interest as well. Hopefully not too late to sneak in one more entry! The is a link in my profile to a series of images that can be viewed larger from scenic flights around Squamish. #SeaToSkyAir #1InaMillionSquamish #squamishisawesome

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Explore everything from sea to sky

Departing the Howe Sound and leaving the waters of the southernmost fjord behind you and climbing up into the mountains is what makes the Sea To Sky so special. The oceans and the mountains combining together is a unique aspect of scenic flights near Vancouver, and nowhere is this illustrated better than the Squamish Valley. Seeing the waterways pour out of the Pemberton Ice cap and into the salt water of the Howe Sound makes you appreciate how intricately and delicately everything is connected.

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You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. Life's short, grab it by the horns before it's too late! Be kind, it costs nothing. Be adventurous, challenge yourself. And don't be afraid to just fuckin wing it! Life is precious, make the most of what you've got, because it can be taken from you when you least expect it. 😆👌🖕🤘 #squamish #whistler #whistlerunfiltered #mountains #travelpics #explorecanada #explorebc #travelworld #nature #imagesofcanada #hellobc #canada #bc #upintheclouds #seatoskyair #seatosky #Vancouver #vancitybuzz #beautifulbc #yvr #flight #flying #samsungs7edge #beautiful #lovemycountry #lovethisplace #loveyourself

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Breathe in fresh glacier air just moments from Vancouver

In Vancouver we are very aware of our beautiful surroundings. However when was the last time you took a few minutes to sit back and let every sense truly soak it all in. Breathe in the fresh glacier air, take a dip in the natural water and listen to waterfalls all around. These hidden alpine lakes are the most rewarding way to take a journey back in time and appreciate the real beautiful British Columbia. Experience this once, and you’l wonder why you spent so long simply looking at the beautiful surroundings of Vancouver rather than getting into them!

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Got a hankering for adventure? @pixeleyepix did and within 30mins she was here, at Phantom Lake south west of #whistler, BC. We love this photo so much. Thank you @pixeleyepix for sharing your amazing shot from our #PhantomLake #floatplane tour 🙌 ————————————————– #explorecanada #explorebc #exploresquamish #theoutbound #coastmountains #travelstoke #travelbug #bucketlist #flying #ohcanada #lakelife #summerfun #britishcolumbia

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