5 Reasons Everyone Should Take This Seaplane To Whistler

1. seaplane paddleboard adventures along the way

You want to go to Whistler, but did you know there’s also hundreds of square of mountain playground along the way?

Why not make the most of the journey – take an afternoon or even a day to explore some of the most beautiful hidden lakes that lay just off the beaten path.

Our 4 seater seaplane is small enough for custom, private adventures but big enough to bring along an inflatable paddleboard or two. So why not start the adventure of a lifetime right with a stop at Phantom Lake along the way?

2. A private floatplane is really romantic

One of the things our guests love most about our seaplane is that it’s perfect for special occasions. If you want to take a romantic weekend to Whistler for two, or even just fly up for lunch, you don’t have to buy-out a very expensive 8 seater.

We’ve had guests use our floatplane for romantic excursions including wedding proposals, engagement photo shoots, birthdays, and anniversary celebrations.

3. It’s an amphibious float plane that can pick you up anywhere

Flying into Vancouver International Airport and want to get to Whistler in full VIP style? Our amphibious seaplane is unique and the only one in the Sea To Sky Corridor that is able to touch down on land as well as on water.

We can pick you up on the tarmac in Vancouver and drop you off on Green Lake in Whistler.

4. Two-way headsets to quiz your pilot about the landscape

Being able to talk and listen to your pilot adds a whole new level to the experience of flying.

Pilots are usually locked away and faceless, but not at Sea To Sky Air. They all live, work and play in the mountains here and are incredibly passionate about sharing their knowledge of this region with you. Our pilots provide you with a guided tour of the natural history and geography of the Sea To Sky Corridor.

Whether you’re quizzing your pilot about flying or about the glaciers and valleys around you, having two way communication on your flight to Whistler will be memorable experience.

5. Share the flight only with those you know

Our small aircraft allow each and every flight to be an intimate experience. No need to worry about someone you haven’t met reaching across you to peak out of your window, every seat on all of our aircraft has their own window.

If you’d like to book our seaplane for a trip to Whistler from Vancouver, or anywhere else, give our pilots a call on 604 898 1975.

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