phantom lake near squamish by seaplane

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Experience Phantom Lake Near Squamish by Seaplane

One of the most stunning tucked-away lakes near Squamish is an emerald green beauty called Phantom Lake. This remote and wild area near Squamish is nearly impossible to access without the aid of a seaplane. At Sea to Sky Air, we are fortunate to fly to this remote paradise in the Coast Mountains. Our Phantom Lake Guided Scenic Flight is one for the books, and getting there is half of the fun!

The Journey from Squamish by Air (and back!)

Our Cessna Amphib 185 is an extraordinary plane that will carry you from our base in Squamish to Phantom Lake and back. As you take off on the runway, you’ll feel the thrill of what’s to come and begin to see incredible sights right out of the gate. You’ll get a glimpse of famous Squamish sights like the Stawamus Chief and Mount Garibaldi before the pilot starts guiding you up the stunning Squamish River. The Squamish River is flanked by towering mountains and the epic peaks of the Tantalus Mountains, and you’ll feel the impressive magnitude of the Coast Mountains from a birds-eye view.

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As the plane heads west, away from the Squamish River and towards Phantom Lake, you’ll appreciate the incredible proximity of Squamish to the Sunshine Coast, knowing the intricate waterways north of the Sunshine Coast are just over a few mountain peaks. After seeing the stunning sights along the way, you’ll begin to get a glimpse of what awaits you at Phantom Lake.

phantom lake near squamish by floatplane

Mountains, Beaches, & Waterfalls at Phantom Lake

Your first peek of Phantom Lake is a stunning waterfall cascading down forest green trees from an emerald basin. Once the sub-alpine lake comes into full view, you might not believe your eyes at the beauty you’ll behold. Mount Jimmy Jimmy flanks the lake, with snow-capped peaks pouring glacial flour (link to blog) into Phantom Lake, creating a gorgeous green hue in the water. As our seaplane lands on the water and you approach the beaches of Phantom Lake, a feeling of pure calm, yet excitement will wash over you. It’s a special moment when you realize it’s just you, your pilot, and the mountains for kilometres in every direction.

Stepping off the floatplane onto the pristine sandy beaches of Phantom Lake is a moment you’ll never forget. Turning around to take in the full view from the north end of the lake, you can’t help but be completely in awe. If you’re feeling brave, take a dive off the seaplane into the cold waters of the lake and then warm up on the sun-soaked beach before starting the incredible journey back to Squamish. If we haven’t painted a clear enough picture of the magic, videos are worth a thousand words. Check out our video below to get a glimpse of the beauty that lies beyond the boundaries.

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