Phantom Lake: Fly-in Kayak Trip With Photographer Callum Snape

Feature image: Callum Snape Photography

If you’ve not been to Phantom Lake in Squamish yet now is the time to start adding it to your bucket list.

Chances are it’s probably already started popping up in social network feeds and if it hasn’t it soon will. Phantom Lake is a glacier-fed, alpine lake high in the Squamish backcountry that is growing in popularity because of its remote location and high elevation.

At 3000ft above sea level, Phantom Lake has no trails in or out and is only accessible by floatplane five months of the year (depending on weather). It’s a photographer’s dream and the perfect place for a birthday picnic, surprise wedding proposal, or an overnight kayak trip under a blanket of stars.

And that last one is exactly what photographer (and Oru Kayak ambassador) Callum Snape did back in July.

Floatplane into Phantom Lake with Oru Kayaks

Callum was sent on assignment by the origami kayak company, Oru Kayaks, who specialise in making foldable kayaks that can travel with you almost anywhere. Their kayaks fold down into a compact travel bag that is small enough to fit in the luggage compartment in the back of our floatplane.

Once loaded up with kayaks and camera gear we flew Callum and his videographer Marshall over the Squamish Valley and through the coast mountains to Phantom Lake, where we dropped them off for a two-day expedition around Phantom Lake.

Kayaking at Phantom Lake by Callum Snape

Below are some photos of their trip from Callum’s Instagram account. If you’re ever in need of adventure inspiration we highly recommend you follow Callum right away.

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The Milky Way soared through the nights sky, reflecting perfectly in the lake below as the moon rose and began lighting up the surrounding mountains. Our kayaks sat motionless outside our tents, they almost seemed like they were floating in space ✨

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Probably one of the most beautiful camp spots I've had, and no one else around for at least a few days hike! @marshalchupa and I camped at and kayaked this remote backcountry lake, click the link in my bio to read more! @orukayak

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We heard the plane echo through the valley long before we could see it. Before we knew it, my time in the Tantalus mountains with @marshalchupa was over and we packed up and flew out! 🌲🚣🏻

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