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Phantom Lake by Seaplane : Video Epic


Have you ever dreamed of the gentle hum of propellers guiding you through the air, ultimately landing you on a remote alpine lake? If that sounds like a dream, it can actually be your reality! We have the fortunate privilege of being able to take our Cessna 185 Amphib to the remote, Phantom Lake, located high in the backcountry of the beautiful Coast Mountains.

Fly to Phantom Lake

Where is Phantom Lake you ask? Phantom Lake near Squamish is a dazzling, emerald green hanging lake. At one end, water feeds into the lake from the nearby glaciers of Mt Jimmy Jimmy and Tzoonie Mountain, while at the other it escapes via a towering cascading waterfall. With no official trails in or out, the best way to access Phantom lake in the summer is via Seaplane. And lucky for you, we have an incredible team of pilots who can guide and land you safely on this pristine, remote lake.

While landing on a remote alpine lake is what we would consider a bucket-list experience, the commute to-and-from is a breathtaking journey in and of itself. On the way there (and back) you’ll fly shoulder-to-shoulder with million-year-old peaks, over ancient valleys, and through a landscape worthy of a National Geographic documentary. We could spend hours talking about the natural beauty and experience of gently landing on an alpine lake, but maybe it’s best if you just see for yourself? Get a taste of this incredible experience in the video below!



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