13 Haunting Mountain Names Around The Sea To Sky Region

With hundreds of different mountain ranges in BC alone, it’s no surprise that explorers had to start getting creative with their mountain names over the years…or just give up trying entirely as would seem to be the case with the apathetically titled “Unnecessary Mountain” near Lions Bay just south of Squamish.

For this special Halloween post we’ve searched every valley and peak of the Sea To Sky region to bring you this list of spooky and down-right creepy mountain names to add a little bit of terror to your next trip plan.

Click around on the map to see the locations of each peak in the list.

1. The Orphans
2. Famine Peak
3. Devil Peak
4. Brimstone Mountain
5. Snowblood Mountain
6. Snowspider Mountain
7. The Frost Fiend
8. Devastator Peak
9. Abandoned Peak
10. The Witness
11. Ice Flea Peak
12. Phantom Mountain
and the last and most terrifying of all…
Someone had a good old giggle when they named number 13, and we promise it is 100% real. Check the map.

Happy Halloween!

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