Best Way To See The Squamish Mountains (Even When It’s Cloudy)

Most people come to Squamish and British Columbia to see the landscape. The towering peaks, the ancient glaciers, the endless forrest, and wild coasts; and fickle weather can really play havoc with those vacation plans…but, only if you let it. Our planes are the only way to get to the views when they’re hiding above the clouds.

Don’t frown, get off the ground

The coast mountains are notorious for constantly changing weather. Clouds are a common feature in Squamish due our proximity to the coast and our place in one of the world’s largest coastal temperate rainforests.

On a cloudy day it can feel as though you’re socked-in, locked underneath a ceiling of grey. But that’s only in the valley, the peaks are still there above the clouds waiting for you to visit.

The Sea To Sky’s constantly changing weather is a huge part of what makes this region so bewitching. Each time you visit, you’re unlikely to see the same thing twice – it’s almost as though the landscape morphs to fit the elements, especially in the fall.

We hope to see you soon!

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