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Piloting This Plane Is The Ultimate Gift For Adventurous People

Finding an exciting, mind-blowing gift for adventurous, outdoorsy friends and family can be hard. But if you like to be the best gift-buyer at the party, the Introductory Flight Experience is for you; and here’s 5 reasons it’s the ultimate gift adventurous people.

Feature photo by Instagramer, ajka_kuba

1. Adventurous people value experiences not things

It has been suggested that “we are the sum total of our experiences” and adventurous people know this all too well. They know that it only takes one experience to change the way you see the world, and charting your own course through the towering coast mountains at 3500ft is something that is likely to change your perspective forever.

2. Adventurous people have a strong desire to explore

Adventurous personalities get a kick out of learning new skills that can take them higher, further, and deeper into the wilderness. Pilots on the Introductory Flight Experience will be taught the basics of flight, the know-how for flying in the coast mountains, and learn the essential techniques for banking and turning from the exhilarating position of the pilot’s seat.


3. Adventurers actively seek to test themselves against their fears

We all like to think we can conquer our fears. But if you’re really honest, the thought of being a first-time pilot in control of an aircraft probably terrifies you. But not adventurers. For this special breed, our Sea to Sky Air’s Introductory Flight Experience is perfect. Pitting two of human nature’s most common fears against each other – a fear of heights and a fear of situations that are hard to escape – piloting their own plane in the mountains will be a rush that’s hard to beat.

4. Adventurers see it as their responsibility to take control of the experiences they have

Being handed the controls to a Cessna aircraft while flying 3500 feet above the Howe Sound is the very definition of “taking control”. True adventurers seize the day, and know that every great thing in life sits right at the edge of their comfort zone.

5. Adventurers are gifted in the art of persuading others to join them

The road less travelled is best travelled with friends, and adventurous people understand that experiences connect us more than things. On the Introductory Flight Experience the recipient can can bring along two other adventurous passengers (for just $50 each) to share the cockpit with them and the pilot.

All of our tours and adventures can be bought online as digital gift cards, cutting out the whole packing and posting part so your gift arrives faster!

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