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[In Photos] This Couple’s Epic Wedding Proposal In Squamish, BC

Let’s be honest, most wedding proposals are pretty standard. Yet the love we hold for the person we choose to ask is anything but. So why not seize the moment to knock it out of the park? Forget dinner and roses, this is how you do a wedding proposal in British Columbia.

In July we flew Matt and his unsuspecting fiancée-to-be, Casey, over the Squamish valley high into the coast mountains of British Columbia, to a little-known slice of paradise called Phantom Lake.

With not a single trail in or out and at 3000ft above sea level Phantom Lake is secluded, private, and seemingly untouched by the metropolis of Vancouver that lay just a 40-minute drive away. Add in a few sandy beaches, snowcapped mountains, emerald waters, ancient glaciers, a private floatplane, and a Tacori engagement ring and you’ve got an epic outdoor proposal in the making.

And for everyone who is wondering, she said yes!

The Phantom Lake by Seaplane trip can be booked as a surprise engagement package exclusively for you with your own private seaplane and photographer – they won’t suspect a thing!

Diving into Phantom Lake
On the beach at Phantom Lake
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