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The Gift of Shared Experiences

If you’re like us, we love the chance to spend time with a loved one, taking in shared experiences and creating lasting memories. Being able to gift a shared experience provides the opportunity to create deep connection and a lingering happiness only experiences can provide. This holiday, we recommend choosing time well spent with your loved one, and here’s why!


Why Choose shared Experiences



Being able to discern what kind of gifted experience speaks to your loved one is a truly thoughtful and meaningful gift. We’d be amiss to not acknowledge the craziness and trying times of the past year and a half, and choosing to show up for your friend or partner with an uplifting experience is one of the most thoughtful and caring gifts we can imagine.


While giving your partner an experience in and of itself is a wonderfully thoughtful gift, giving them a shared experience with you is truly special. We all know that experiences shared create a wonderful sense of connection and bonding. You know, those moments you talk about years down the road with fondness?


Don’t get us wrong, there’s definitely a spark of joy when you open a gift and inside beholds a new piece of gear or beautiful item. Experiences have the ability to not only create that same joy in the moment, but a lasting and lingering happiness that spills over to days ahead. The Journal of Experimental Psychology found that we derive happiness from the experiential more than the material. “New things are exciting to us at first, but then we adapt to them,” says Dr. Gilovich. Essentially, satisfaction with experiences grows over time. Pretty special, huh?

Why a Flight is the Ultimate Experience for Your Loved One

We might be biased, but we truly believe that a flight is the ultimate experience for your loved one. It hits the mark of all the above: thoughtful, connective, and joyful. Maybe your partner has always wanted to fly a plane? Or maybe they have just had a rough year and want to quite literally get above it all to take in a new perspective. You won’t only connect with each other, but you’ll connect with the natural surroundings of the beautiful Coast Mountains we are fortunate enough to call home.

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