Sea To Skypilot

Where it all begins. Our debut flight of Sea to Sky Country


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Birds-eye-view of Squamish, the Sea to Sky Gondola, Howe Sound, and Skypilot Mountain

Best option for first time flyers and children

Bang for your buck. This sightseeing flight is amazing value for travellers on a budget who want to see ALL of Squamish

For value for money this tour packs a punch. Locals and visitors alike have returned amazed and inspired by the wonders that lay just beyond the horizon. If you think driving in the Sea To Sky is beautiful, imagine flying in the Sea To Sky. Stop looking up at peaks like Skypilot and Mount Habrich; watching birds and eagles soar over the Howe Sound and wondering what it would be like to see the world from up there. If you want a truly unforgettable perspective of Squamish you need a birds-eye-view…and a plane to get you up there.

Our pilots are passionate about British Columbia, Squamish, and the Sea To Sky Corridor. They’re a wealth of knowledge and are full of information about the awesome things you’ll see. Chat with your pilot via your personal two-way headset or simply sit back and enjoy the view.

Make it Private for only $70 – purchase 2 full-price seats and get the option to buy the 3rd seat at a reduced rate to reserve the aircraft exclusively for you.

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For Solo Travellers

Most of these flights require at least 2 seats to depart. If you are a solo traveller, sign up here so we can notify you when your preferred flight becomes available!

  • Birds-eye-view of the Howe Sounds on the Sea To Sky Pilot tour

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Want The Best View?

All of our planes have 3 passenger seats, if you’d like to have the plane to yourself you can “Make It Private” by purchasing the remaining 3rd seat for a reduced rate. This is one of our most popular add-ons with our guests. It’s also perfect if you’re buying the Sea To Skypilot experience as a gift for a birthday gift or special occasion.

Guest reviews of our Squamish attractions

“You HAVE to do this trip, you will not regret it. My mother was absolutely beside herself and she said that it was the highlight of her trip to BC. Thanks David and Sea to Sky Air.”X4837MGdavidmjakedibley
“Enjoyed our flight more than we enjoyed our helicopter tour of Hawaii! You absolutely have to stop by for a flight if you’re in the area! The natural beauty of the Tantalus range is impressive to say the very least, and our flight provided us with views and memories that we will cherish forever.”Jakedibley
“Absolutely breathtaking to fly over lakes, rivers, towns, The Black Tusk and The Chief amongst many other attractions. Highly recommend this flight as it added another dimension to our holiday.”Mariawott

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