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Fly among the iconic Squamish cliffs and peaks of Tantalus, Alpha, Ossa and Omega mountains

The crown jewel of Squamish sightseeing. Get shoulder-to-shoulder with the giant Rumbling, Serratus, and Zenith glaciers

Majestic views of Lake Lovely Water, the Howe Sound, and the Squamish wilderness

Looking for a memorable Squamish sightseeing adventure that doesn’t require days of hiking or camping? Look no further. Gasp in awe as you fly through regions of Squamish that most locals don’t even know exist and photograph areas explored only by grizzly bears, goats, eagles, and the occasional mountaineer. On the Squamish Explorer you’ll get a little bit of everything from our other tours all rolled into one. Alpine lakes, jagged peaks, secret waterfalls, and rumbling glaciers are just a few of the unforgettable sights that will leave your jaw on the floor…and just wait until you see Lake Lovely Water.

Our pilots are passionate about British Columbia, Squamish, and the Sea To Sky Corridor. They’re a wealth of knowledge and are full of information about the awesome things you’ll see. Chat with your pilot via your personal two-way headset or simply sit back and enjoy the view.

Make it Private for only $70 – purchase 2 full-price seats and get the option to buy the 3rd seat at a reduced rate to reserve the aircraft exclusively for you.

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  • Lake Lovely Water 800

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All of our planes have 3 passenger seats, if you’re 2 people and would like to have the plane to yourselves you can “Make It Private” by purchasing the remaining 3rd seat for a reduced rate. This is one of our most popular add-ons with our guests. It’s also perfect if you’re buying the Squamish Explorer sightseeing flight as a gift for a birthday gift or special occasion.

Guest reviews of our Squamish attractions

“Being a local who regularly hikes and bikes in Squamish it was nothing short of incredible to see the area I love from a bird’s-eye-view. The scenery and landscape could have been pulled out any National Geographic documentary.”VickyFarrand
“Highly recommended! We did the Squamish Valley tour and couldn’t have been more impressed. We will be coming back to experience other flights and different seasons with Sea to Sky Air!”Gawallace_39
“I took my 5 year old daughter for a new experience and couldn’t be happier I chose Sea to Sky Air. Our pilot had great knowledge of the local terrain and made the flight comfortable and fun (even for a 5 year old). The views where beautiful, definitely an amazing way to get a different perspective on the local landscape. Can’t wait to go again.”MarkY7870GX

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