Best Adventure For Solo Travellers in Squamish, BC

Squamish is surrounded by raw BC wilderness. Old growth forests, ancient glaciers and jaw-dropping peaks sprawl as far as the eye can see. While the view from the ground is magical on many of Squamish’s iconic hiking trails, there is nothing like seeing the Coast Mountains from above.

As a solo traveller you don’t want to be setting off hiking into the Squamish backcountry alone (unless you’re an experienced hiker with the ability to self-rescue when emergency services are not available), but that doesn’t mean that solo travellers have to miss out on seeing some of the most beautiful, untouched places that are out of reach of roads and civilisation.

In fact, we have one flight that is perfect for solo travellers in Squamish – and you get to fly the plane!

It’s called the Introductory Flight Experience and it combines of one of our most popular sightseeing flight routes with a hands-on experience of flying the plane with one of our professional pilots showing you the ropes.

3 reasons a piloting experience is perfect for solo travellers

1. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience: you get to see the sights and fly the plane

Our Introductory Flight Experience ticks two boxes at once. The flight route takes you over the Howe Sound, the legendary Stawamus Chief, and out towards the jagged Tantalus Range and glaciers. On the return route to the airport, you can even wave to the tiny people stood at the top of the Sea To Sky Gondola as you fly past.

If you listen carefully you can hear one lady say “that guy’s having a great time, eh?” – and she is certainly right!

2. You get the plane all to yourself & can add extra time to fly longer custom route

All of our sightseeing flights need a minimum of 2 passengers to run, except for the Introductory Flight Experience which is another reason it’s perfect for people who are travelling alone. The flight experience starts with a detailed ground briefing with your pilot who will familiarise you with the plane, the foundations of aviation in the mountains and some basic aerial manoeuvres. Next, you’ll take to the skies to practice what you learned, all the time accompanied (and co-piloted) by one of our professional pilots.

If there is someone you’d like to bring along, up to two extra passengers can be added for only $69 each and extra flight time can be added to explore deeper into the Coast Mountains..

3. You don’t need a lot of time or expensive gear

Getting up close to Squamish’s incredible natural wonders often involves complicated route finding, expensive gear and 8+ hours of hiking or trekking. To do the Introductory Flight Experience you only need 60-90 minutes, depending on if you add extra flight time to your experience.

Sea To Sky Air was created so that you don’t have to be a seasoned hiker, a backpacker, or a bold adventurer to experience the super, natural Squamish attractions that lay in our protected parks, ecological reserves, and conservancies. In our small aircraft, everyone has the chance to experience the enjoyment of being amongst ancient mountains, plateaus, valleys, lakes, rivers, fjords, and wetlands, without the need for expert knowledge or backcountry equipment.


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