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Best Guided Scenic Flight in Squamish on a Budget

Looking to take in the experience of a guided scenic flight in Squamish, but on a budget? At $119, our Sea to Skypilot Guided Scenic Flight is perfect for those wanting to experience the thrill of flight over the Coast Mountains without breaking the bank. This tour covers 80+ square kilometres, flies 365 days a year, and runs 25 minutes. Don’t let the time fool you though, you’ll see some of the most remarkable and famous sights of the Sea to Sky area if you join us on this flight! 

Famous Squamish Features on the Flight

Squamish is known as the outdoor adventure capital of Canada for a reason. Towering mountains jutting out from the wildlife-filled sea make for not only spectacular sights but a playground for hikers, bikers, kayakers, climbers, and more. We love experiencing the epic terrain of Squamish and the surrounding mountains by foot, but getting up above the magic is a perspective-changing experience. Our Sea to Skypilot guided scenic flight is one of the best ways to experience Squamish from above and learn about the landscape of the area. The list is long of features we fly over, but two of our favourites on the guided scenic flight are Skypilot and the stunning Howe Sound Fjord.


Skypilot & Co-Pilot

These two distinctive peaks rise from the southeast corner of Squamish and are pillars of the natural landscape of the area. Formed tens of thousands of years ago by Stadium Glacier, these magnificent peaks are skied in the winter and climbed in the summer, but you can have a birds-eye view from our Sea to Skypilot tour. That’s one of the wonderful things about flying – you don’t have to be a seasoned backcountry explorer to take in the majestic landscape of the Coast Mountains.

The Howe Sound Fjord

The Howe Sound is North America’s southernmost fjord winding 42km inland from the Burrard Inlet near Vancouver to the glacial-fed Squamish River. This rich and diverse ecosystem is one that’s home to 78% of all mammal species, 64% of breeding birds and 67% of freshwater fish. Flying over the Howe Sound Fjord puts into perspective the magnificence of the juxtaposition of the towering Coast Mountains and the deep blue waters of the sea. To say it’s breathtaking might be an understatement!


Share the Experience

If you want to share this experience with a loved one, we offer a special deal on all of our flights to buy out the 4th seat for a reduced rate of $90. Just you, your plus one, and the pilot! This is the perfect option for those wanting to celebrate a special occasion, anniversary or birthday.

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