guided scenic flight over squamish bc in the winter

Mountains, Squamish

Why Flying over Squamish is a Must-do Winter Experience

Flying over Squamish and the surrounding mountains during the winter is an experience that will leave you wide-eyed and renewed. Seeing the Coast Mountains covered in a blanket of white, fading to a veil of green trees creeping down to the sea is a vision that will last a lifetime. Of course, the vistas are breathtaking in the Sea to Sky Corridor any time of year, but there are some special reasons that make taking a guided scenic flight in the winter particularly unique.

See Further

The crisp, cold winter air creates perfect conditions to experience unlimited views and take spectacular photos. During the winter, you’ll get to see deeper into the Coast Mountains, across to Vancouver Island, and even stunning views of Mount Baker in Washington state. It’s not just the atmosphere that makes winter magical – the lower position of the sun in the sky creates softer tones, a dream canvas for photographers.

Climb Faster

If you want to maximize your time spent at the highest altitude, winter is the perfect time to fly. The cold air provides optimal flying performance that allows the planes to climb faster. But don’t worry, not too fast! The ease with which the plane climbs in the winter means you’ll get to a higher altitude more quickly, resulting in more time spent soaring above the epic terrain of the Coast Mountains.

Switch up Your Winter Routine

The winter is a magical time in the Sea to Sky Corridor – skiing, boarding, touring, snowshoeing – the activity list is endless. Sometimes though, it’s nice to switch up the normal routine and get a new perspective of the place you call home or love to visit. It’s one of the aspects of who we are that we pride ourselves on – we aren’t simply a flightseeing company, we’re a team of locals who know and love the area and can’t help but to share that enthusiasm and knowledge with those we take flying. Once the wheels touch down and you step out of our plane, you’ll most certainly walk away with incredible local knowledge of the area. However, what we continually hear from our guests is that they gained new perspectives and felt a sense of renewal and revitalization. In our humble opinion, that’s a priceless feeling!

Our Favourite Flights for the Winter

Want to experience the fresh perspective and renewal of flying in the winter? Here are our favourite flights to take during the winter months:

  1. Whistler Backcountry Air Safari – This is our most popular tour for people visiting Whistler, BC who want to leave no peak, lake, or glacier unexplored. 
  2. Introduction to Flight Experience – Learn the ABCs of aviation and aircraft control from our seasoned mountain pilots. 
  3. Sea to Sky Pilot – As our most budget-friendly tour, you’ll get the most out of this flight in the winter with the quick climbing to higher altitudes! 


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