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Everything You Need to Know Before Learning to Fly with our Squamish Pilots

Have you ever wondered what on earth you should know before you learn to fly? We think one of the best ways to find this information is through a private flight experience with one of our experienced pilots at Sea to Sky Air. We offer an Introduction to Flight Experience guided scenic flight to help you learn the ABCs of aviation and aircraft control. For those of you who like to do your research, we thought we’d give a few tips on what you should know before you learn to fly with us in Squamish and what to expect on our guided scenic flight.

How to Prepare

If you’re like us, you love showing up prepared for new experiences. Of course, if you’re reading, this, you’re already doing the work! We highly recommend additionally reading our earlier blog to gather more information and help you formulate any questions you might have about the experience, or learning to fly a plane in general. Our commercial pilots are experts and love answering any questions, so nerd out and make your list! Other than coming with questions and an open mind ready for learning, you’ll want to make sure you dress accordingly for the weather. In Squamish, it’s always a good idea to have a warm layer, rain jacket, and toque on hand – flying is no different in that regard! Okay, so you’ve done your prep work, but what should you expect?

What to Expect On the Ground

After you book your guided scenic flight and get checked in on the day of your flight, the real fun begins! Before getting up in the air and your hands on the controls, you’ll get up close and personal with the aircraft. Our pilots will take you through the fundamentals of aviation in a detailed ground briefing at our base of operations in Squamish. Our commercial pilots will go over topics such as attitudes, movements, and explain how the control surfaces of the aircraft manipulate the plane in flight. You will have the opportunity to actually move the control surfaces of the aircraft as we walk around the plane in an engaging ground briefing. There are no silly questions – our pilots want to answer any questions you’ve had and always wanted to know about learning to fly. You can rest assured, by the time you’ve walked all the way around the plane, you’ll be able to tell us how to fly the plane!

What to Expect in the Air

Despite the fact you now know all you need to know about how to make the plane fly, we’re going to put one of our commercial pilots in the plane with you! Sit back and enjoy watching the takeoff from the front seat before you take the controls of the aircraft into your own hands. Once you’re in the air, this will be your chance to put all the expertly shared knowledge you learned from our pilots into action! There is no set route on this flight, so you will get the opportunity to carve your own journey through the Coast Mountains at the controls of the plane. If learning to fly a plane has always been a dream of yours, we can’t wait to guide you on the experience of a lifetime!

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