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Our Favourite Fall Activities in Squamish

You might be surprised to find out we have favourite fall activities in Squamish that don’t involve flying! Of course, flying is at the top of our list, but we’d love to share a local’s perspective of how to enjoy Squamish to the fullest during the fall and what’s known as the shoulder season to locals. This is the time of the year to slow down and recover from a jam-packed summer, but also keep our eyes on the upcoming winter season.

Sea to Sky Gondola

One of the prized jewels of the Squamish area is the Sea to Sky Gondola. This magnificent gondola is in operation year-round and is used for backcountry skiing, hiking, sightseeing and more. We love taking advantage of this during the fall season for a few reasons. This is our ultimate rest-day activity in shoulder season for the epic ride up and down, and to enjoy the patio and views from the platform at the top. Our favourite combo is hiking up the Sea to Summit trail, having a snack and drink on the patio, and then downloading via the Sea to Sky Gondola. This is a great way to put in some sweat equity, but save your knees on the way down. The Sea to Sky Gondola is also unique in the fact it allows furry companions to ride down the gondola!

Hike the Stawamus Chief

Taking a hike up the Stawamus Chief is Squamish is one of our favourite activities for the Fall! While we love soaring over the magnificent granite monolith, putting in the work to get to the top and gain a different perspective is an experience we love. Even though we’ve been biking all summer in our spare time, hiking the Chief is a great way to get the legs ready for ski season. The Chief has 3 different peaks, so you can plan anywhere from 3 to 6-hour hikes. The first peak is a 1.5-kilometre trail with an elevation gain of 540 metres, and the third comes in at 1.8 kilometres with 630 metres of elevation gain. The weather in fall can vary, so always make sure you pack plenty of layers for changing weather at different elevations. It’s also important to note, the Chief is a dog-friendly hike, but make sure you keep the pups on leash!

view from the Squamish Stawamus Chief

Fly Fishing in Squamish

Fly fishing the pristine waters of Squamish is one of the best ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the area this Fall. The meditative act of fly fishing also makes it one of our favourite ways to decompress in the shoulder season after a jam-packed summer. If fly fishing isn’t in your usual lineup of activities, we highly recommend hiring a guide from Trout Country Fishing Guides to take you on an experience you’ll never forget. This is a great way to learn the ropes if you’re interested in adding fly fishing to your repertoire or simply want to have a unique experience this fall. Standing in the cold rivers of Squamish, surrounded by the sound of water and the gentle back and forth of a fly rod, makes this one of our favourite ways to experience Squamish in the Fall.

Squamish Explorer Guided Scenic Flight

We can’t help but love our Squamish Explorer Guided Scenic Flight as one of our favourite fall activities! This flight is a great way for locals to experience their home from a different perspective during the shoulder season and get inspiration for upcoming winter backcountry objectives. You’ll get a little bit of everything rolled into one on this incredible Squamish flight. Traversing the peaks of the Tantalus Range, and soaring over glaciers, alpine lakes and meadows, will leave you wide-eyed and excited for the changing season to come.

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