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Why a Squamish Sightseeing Flight is the Perfect Gift for Couples

Taking a Squamish sightseeing flight with your loved one is an extraordinary way to create memories that will last a lifetime. Shared experiences are gifts in the truest sense – providing opportunities to connect more deeply, revitalize minds and hearts, and develop lasting memories. But what makes a guided scenic flight such a memorable experience for couples? Not only will you be able to get up and above it all, experiencing the rugged Coast Mountains from the sky, but there are some unique reasons that make flying together so special.

Leave the Guiding to Someone Else

One of the reasons we believe a private flight is an extraordinary gift is for the simple fact you both will be able to sit back, relax, and leave the guiding to one of our accomplished pilots. While trip planning and navigating can be an exciting part of any outdoor activity, it can be a real treat to leave all of that in the hands of a professional. Being the passengers, your only responsibility is to simply enjoy each other, the vistas, and the local mountain knowledge passed on by our mountain pilots. We call our tours ‘guided scenic flights’ for a reason – you’re not only getting to fly in a plane over the diverse landscape of the Sea to Sky, but you’ll also learn more about the land and geological features of the area from our knowledgeable and witty pilots. All you have to do is pick a date, show up, and leave the rest to us.

Couples that Play Together

The age-old saying of couples who play together stay together definitely has something to it. According to Howard Markman, Ph.D. of University of Denver’s Center for Family and Marital Studies, the more time and energy couples invest in having fun together, the happier and more often couples stay together. This doesn’t always mean taking adventures of epic proportions and could be something as sweet and simple as a dance party in the kitchen. However, sometimes you just want to go all-out, get outside the box, and create unique memories you’ll talk about for years to come. Gifting a guided scenic flight for you and your partner is an ideal way to do this, as there’s no skill required. It’s the perfect way to experience the rugged terrain of the Coast Mountains together, regardless of your fitness level and gear arsenal. Flying together over Squamish and the surrounding mountains will leave you both wide-eyed and inspired – sharing in the extraordinary experience of soaring over the Coast Mountains.

Private Adventure

Another incredible reason our flights are ideal for couples is the option to make the experience private. Well, semi-private – you’ll of course have an experienced pilot flying you through the air, guiding you over the landscape, and safely returning you to the airport. However, we provide the option to buy out the 4th seat in the plane for only $90, ensuring it’s just you and your loved one enjoying the experience of flight together. So, book out that last seat and get ready to cozy up with your loved one as you soar over the wild, untamed mountains of British Columbia.

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  2. Squamish Explorer – Journey deep into the Squamish backcountry and the Tantalus Range where Rumbling Glacier sleeps and Lake Lovely Water shimmers.
  3. Phantom Lake by Seaplane – Purchase a gift card for this flight and enjoy the pristine, remote waters of Phantom Lake this summer. You can see an incredible photo gallery of this flight by photographer, Ian Harland, here


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