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Tips for a Squamish Scenic Flight in Winter

When one thinks of taking a guided scenic flight over Squamish, summertime might first come to mind! However, winter is one of the most exciting times to take flight over the Coast Mountains and the surrounding waterways. The snow-covered peaks, vast glaciers, and contrast of green forests and the Howe Sound make for a visual experience that will be forever imprinted in your mind. We’ve come up with some tips and information about our planes and flight experiences to not only get you excited for airtime in the winter, but properly prepare for the unforgettable experience!

How to Dress

Winter in Squamish can have a wide variety of temperatures, sunshine, rain and snowfall. While our planes are small, they aren’t short on comfort. The interior cabin of the plane is heated, so you don’t have to worry about overdressing to stay warm for the occasion. No matter what the temperature outside is, you’ll be comfortable in the cabin! First and foremost, check the weather prior to your flight, and simply dress the way you would if you were going for a walk in the same temperature. The lush, green forests of Squamish are fueled by a bountiful annual rainfall, so we always recommend bringing a rain jacket and hat or toque with you! You’ll only spend a short amount of time outside, walking to and from the plane, but it’s best to always be prepared.

Get Your Camera Ready!

The views of Squamish from the air in the winter are absolutely breathtaking, and there’s good reason for it! The winter air is often more clear and crisper than in the summer, meaning we can see vast distances in the cooler months. For example, Mount Baker in Washington, USA is often visible on our winter guided scenic flights. Not only does the air provide incredible views, but the sun’s position in the sky adds to the visual experience. The lower positioning of the sun creates dramatic shadows and contrast on the mountains, resulting in a beautifully striking view with depth and drama.

More Airtime

While the length of our flight experiences doesn’t change throughout the year, the actual amount of time spent high in the mountains can be longer in the winter months! The colder air provides for more efficient flying conditions, enabling us to climb to altitude faster. This means we have more time flying above the epic Coast Mountains and surrounding waterways of the Squamish area. You’ll be able to spend more time from above – taking in the crisp white snow of the winter alpine, contrasting beautifully with the green of the Squamish Valley. Combine this with a bluebird day, and your eyes won’t believe the juxtaposition of colours and features of the place we’re fortunate to call home.

Share the Experience

If you want to share the experience of flying in the winter with a loved one, we offer a special deal on all of our flights to buy out the 4th seat for a reduced rate of $90. Just you, your plus one, and the pilot! This is the perfect option for those wanting to celebrate a special occasion, anniversary or birthday. You can learn more about all our Guided Scenic Flights here, and find the one that best suits your dream adventure in the Coast Mountains.

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