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Sharing the Gift of Flight in Squamish

As the holiday season is upon us, it’s a time of reflection and looking forward to adventures to come. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, we humbly recommend giving the gift of flight, a shared experience that will last a lifetime. As pilots, we have the fortunate opportunity to witness the magic of shared experiences from the pilot’s seat as we embark on flights with our guests. Seeing the joy and excitement shared by friends, couples, and families on our flights is a privilege and something that inspires us daily. Read on to learn more about why the gift of flight in Squamish is so special.

The Gift of Shared Experiences

One of our favourite gifts to give is the gift of a shared experience. Experiential gifting is a way to turn a present into memories that will last a lifetime. Seeing the Coast Mountains from a new perspective, high up in a plane, is a special kind of magic that you and your loved one can experience together. Gifting an experience like this provides the opportunity for connection to not only each other but the natural landscape. You might just be inspired to start making plans to experience the intricacies of some of the most famed Squamish peaks, mountains, and lakes by foot.

Squamish garibaldi peak and the chief

Squamish Wonders You’ll Experience Together

From the air, you’ll have a bird’s eye view of some of the most famous geological formations in the Coast Mountains. You’ll be inspired by the massive, smooth granite walls of the Stawamus Chief near downtown Squamish, one of the largest granite monolithic structures in the world. Next up, you might fly over the famed stratovolcano capped by a complex of lava domes, Mount Garibaldi. The stark and steep slopes of Mount Garibaldi will leave you wide-eyed and impressed by the sheer magnitude of the mountain. As you head back behind the mountain, you’ll see the famous and impressive Black Tusk looming over Garibaldi Lake & The Table. This area of Garibaldi Provincial Park will leave you truly amazed. Experiencing the new perspective of the Squamish wonders from the air, might even inspire you to make summer plans to hike through and past these magnificent wonders.

How to Buy Your Gift Card

If you think the gift of flight in Squamish is an experience your loved one will cherish, we make it simple by offering customizable gift cards. Our gift cards don’t expire, so use them anytime throughout the year! All you have to do is head over to our gift card page and click the tour you would like to buy or a customized amount. It’s that simple! And if you’re choosing to share this experience together, you’ll be able to make the flight private with a $90 add-on to the gift card. With all the options available for presents this holiday season, we would be honoured to be the experience of choice for you and your loved one and take you on the experience of a lifetime.

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