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Safety First: How Sea to Sky Air Ensures Passenger Safety

At Sea to Sky Air, passenger safety is not just a priority—it’s a commitment. Operating scenic flights in the stunning Sea to Sky Corridor, including Squamish, Whistler, and Vancouver, we offer unforgettable aerial adventures over British Columbia’s volcanic parks, deep fjords, glacial peaks, and the Pacific West Coast. Our dedication to safety ensures that every passenger enjoys these breathtaking experiences with complete peace of mind.

Expert Pilots

Our team of pilots is the cornerstone of our safety commitment. Each pilot at Sea to Sky Air brings a wealth of experience and a passion for aviation:

  • Carlo Galvani: Owner and pilot, inspired by floatplanes since childhood.
  • David Eastwood: Operations Manager and Chief Pilot, deeply loves mountains.
  • Erik Braun: A Fraser Valley native passionate about mountainous landscapes.
  • Dominic Beaumont: UK-born pilot enamoured with the Sea to Sky Corridor since 2008.
  • Ryan Rebelato: Former hockey player turned pilot, captivated by the West Coast.

Their collective expertise ensures safe flights and a rich, engaging experience for every passenger.

Small Plane Safety Tours

Rigorous Aircraft Maintenance

Sea to Sky Air operates a reliable fleet of Cessna 172 and Cessna 185 Amphibious aircraft known for their safety and reliability. These planes undergo meticulous maintenance routines to meet the highest safety standards. Our maintenance protocols include:

  • Regular Inspections: include comprehensive pre-flight and post-flight inspections to identify and address potential issues.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: A strict routine maintenance schedule ensures all systems function optimally.
  • Upgrades and Repairs: Timely upgrades and repairs using high-quality parts to maintain aircraft integrity.
    These practices guarantee that our aircraft are always in peak condition, providing a safe and comfortable flight experience.
Safety Protocols

Our safety protocols are designed to address every aspect of flight safety, from takeoff to landing:

  • Pre-Flight Briefings: Detailed briefings for all passengers to familiarize them with safety procedures and equipment.
  • Weather Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of weather conditions to ensure safe flying conditions. Flights are rescheduled if weather conditions are deemed unsafe.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Comprehensive emergency plans and regular drills to ensure crew readiness for any situation.

Combined with our experienced pilots and well-maintained aircraft, these measures create a robust safety framework that passengers can trust.

Small Plane Safety Protocols

Environmental Commitment and Safety

Our commitment to safety extends beyond passenger well-being to include environmental stewardship. Sea to Sky Air’s climate action plan outlines our approach to minimizing our environmental impact while maintaining the highest safety standards:

  • Carbon Neutral Operations: Striving for carbon-neutral operations by reducing emissions and using high-quality offsets.
  • Sustainable Practices: Implementing practices that promote conservation and sustainable tourism.
  • Community Engagement: Working closely with local communities to support regional development and environmental awareness.

At Sea to Sky Air, passenger safety is integral to our mission of providing exceptional scenic flights. With expert pilots, rigorously maintained aircraft, comprehensive safety protocols, and a strong environmental commitment, we ensure that every flight is not only safe but also an unforgettable adventure. Join us for a breathtaking journey over British Columbia’s most stunning landscapes, knowing that your safety is in expert hands.

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