History of the Cessna 172


The Cessna 172: Why It’s the World’s (and ours) Favourite Small Plane

The Cessna 172. Even if you’re not an aviation enthusiast, the name probably rings a bell. Over the past six decades, this small but mighty aircraft has made a substantial mark on the world of aviation. And with the Cessna’s unmatched reliability and big viewing windows (ideal for scenic flight tours), it’s no wonder this aircraft remains a favorite choice.

The Birth of the Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 had its humble beginnings in 1955 as a tricycle gear variant of its predecessor, the Cessna 170. Launched as the “Skyhawk,” it was powered by a modest 145-horsepower engine. Little did anyone know, this plane was destined for great things. It became the best-selling aircraft in its class and the most-produced airplane ever, with more than 44,000 units crafted and sold globally.

Popularity: The Pillar of Reliability

What makes the Cessna 172 stand out? Its reputation for reliability is unmatched. It’s often the first choice for flight schools due to its forgiving nature and robust build. This reliability makes it preferred for most amateur aviators and commercial uses – such as scenic flight tours over regions like the Sea to Sky Corridor. 

Furthermore, the 172’s spacious cabin and unobstructed panoramic windows make it ideal for sightseeing. Its stable flight characteristics ensure that passengers can comfortably enjoy the mesmerizing sights of volcanic parks, deep fjords, and glacial peaks.

An Icon in Modern Aviation

It’s not just about performance; there’s a deeper emotional connection. Many pilots recount their first solo flight in a Cessna 172, imbuing this aircraft with a sense of nostalgia. Its simplicity and timeless design only add to its universal appeal.

Sea to Sky Air and the Cessna 172

At Sea to Sky Air, the Cessna 172 is more than just a mode of transport; it’s a part of our commitment to sharing the beauty of British Columbia. With our emphasis on respect for nature and sustainability, we believe in using an aircraft that mirrors those values. The 172, with its storied history and unwavering dependability, is a testament to sustainable and passionate craftsmanship.

Want to discover for yourself what makes the Cessna 172 an exceptional aircraft? Come for a scenic flight tour, or even better, pilot it yourself during our Introductory Flight Experience.

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