experience whistler's backcountry via flight

Glaciers, Lakes, Mountains, Volcanoes

Experience the Whistler Backcountry via Flight

Whistler’s backcountry is world-renowned for adventure, and for good reason! The mountains, peaks, lakes, and glaciers attract those from all over the world to explore the rugged terrain in both summer and winter. Whether you’re a local or a visitor who has bagged all the peaks, there’s another way to experience the magnitude and beauty of Garibaldi Provincial Park – via flight. Exploring Whistler’s backcountry by plane is also a great way for those who aren’t seasoned backcountry enthusiasts to connect with the surreal beauty of the terrain. Our Whistler Backcountry Air Safari is sure to leave anyone wide-eyed and inspired.

Features of Epic Proportions Near Whistler

In the surrounding backcountry of Whistler, BC, you’ll be able to view some of the most renowned features of Garibaldi Provincial Park. On the flight, you’ll soar over The Black Tusk, one of the most visually striking features of the area. The Black Tusk is the remnant of a stratovolcano that formed between 1.3 and 1.1 million years ago in the northernmost reaches of the Canadian Volcanic Arc. The iconic black spire is truly a sight to behold, no matter what the season! Another crown jewel of the flight is gliding over the turquoise blue waters of Garibaldi Lake and The Barrier. Garibaldi Lake is an impressive subalpine basin that reaches depths of 259 metres and sits at an elevation of 1500 metres. The Barrier, a strikingly beautiful dam, is what naturally prevents Garibaldi Lake from spilling into Squamish. The steep walls of The Barrier show the remnants of a colossal collision of fire and ice over 9,000 years ago. These awe-inspiring features are just a few of those that you’ll explore from the air!

About the Flight

On our Whistler Backcountry Safari Guided Scenic Flight, you’ll spend 50 minutes exploring the more and lesser know features of the area. Our expertly trained commercial pilots also happen to be pretty knowledgeable about the terrain and geology of the area, so you’ll be sure to gain local insights into the area as well! Speaking of terrain, on this special flight experience you’ll cover more than 550 square kilometres. This is our most popular tour for those who want to leave no peak, lake, or glacier unexplored.



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