Glaciers, Mountains, Volcanoes

Timeless Giants of the Whistler and Squamish Landscape

In the Sea to Sky Corridor, nature’s grandeur unfolds with a magnificent display of mountains, glaciers, and ice fields. Among these natural wonders, four stand out for their awe-inspiring presence and geological significance: Mt Cayley, Hanging Glacier, the Ashlu Divide, and the Pemberton Icefields. Join Sea to Sky Air on an educational and breathtaking journey to these giants of the landscape.

Mt Cayley: The Sleeping Giant

Mount Cayley looms over the landscape as a potentially active stratovolcano. With its peaks rising above 2,000 meters, it offers a window into the region’s volcanic past and a potential glimpse into its fiery future. The mountain, part of the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt, serves as a reminder of the dynamic forces that have shaped the Pacific Northwest.

Hanging Glacier: Nature’s High-Wire Act

The Hanging Glacier, perched on the edge of a granite cliff, presents a stunning example of glacial artistry. Originating high on the glacial valley walls, it is both a geological wonder and a stark symbol of the changing climate.

Hanging Glacier

The Ashlu Divide: Earth’s Artistry

The Ashlu Divide, though lesser known, is a prominent feature in the coastal mountains, forming a natural boundary and a testament to the sculpting powers of ice and time.

Pemberton Icefields: The Frozen Sea

The Pemberton Icefields, known also as the Pemberton Icecap, is an icy expanse that is thought to influence the weather itself. Covering over 300 km², this icefield is the birthplace of the Squamish River and a crucial part of the local ecosystem.

The Journey with Sea to Sky Air

Sea to Sky Air offers an unforgettable flightseeing experience, where you can witness these geological titans from the sky. Our tours are not just about the thrill of flying; they’re an invitation to connect with the landscape’s deep history and ongoing evolution.

The Whistler and Squamish region is more than just a stunning backdrop for adventures; it’s a living classroom where every peak, glacier, and valley tells a story of geological might and beauty. With Sea to Sky Air, you gain a unique perspective on these stories, fostering respect for nature and a commitment to sustainability.

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