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Why We Love Flying Over Sea To Sky Country (& You Should, Too!)

1: Views of the Howe Sound you can only get at 2500ft

Banked by large mountains and dotted with tiny islands, the Howe Sound is the North America’s southernmost fjord extending 42km from Vancouver to Squamish in the traditional territory of the Squamish Nation.
The Howe Sound is the “sea” in Sea To Sky highway, Sea To Sky country, and of course Sea To Sky Air. But, because many travellers don’t stop in Squamish on their way to Whistler the only view they get of the Howe Sound is a peek over road barriers and snapping photos through trees as they drive past. And with views like this, we think you’d agree a 5 minute detour to Squamish Airport is certainly worth the trip!

2: You don’t need to own thousands of dollars worth of gear to enjoy the wilderness

Sea To Sky country is a mecca for mountaineers, hikers, climbers, and explorers. Flying here means we (and our guests) get to see many of the same places vistas, views, and alpine lookouts as people who spend days and weeks hiking and camping. Whether you’re 8 months, 8 years, or 8 decades it’s our mission to getting 1,000,000 people into the Squamish backcountry regardless of age or fitness, and so far we’re at just over 22,000. You should be next!

3: You can see 7 days worth of sights in just 1 hour

The Sea To Sky region is huge and trying to decide where to go to make the best use of your limited vacation time can quickly become overwhelming. We have 7 adventure flights covering everything from prehistoric glaciers, to volcanoes, alpine lakes, and custom photography tours, all designed to help you please everyone and see everything.
One of our most popular flights is the Whistler Backcountry Air Safari that will fly you from Squamish deep into the Garibaldi Provincial park and the Whistler backcounty to see some of the regions most sought-after sights including the Black Tusk volcano, Garibaldi Lake, Diamondhead Mountain, and The Barrier.

4: See rumbling million year-old glaciers in the summer

The key to seeing glaciers in the summer is elevation. The higher you go the colder it gets and no other method of transport can get you high as an airplane for the same cost (helicopters are roughly 3 times more expensive). Did you know that summer actually is the best time to see glaciers? It might seem counter-intuitive but in the winter they are covered by snow so you don’t get to see any of the fine details, cravasses, or colours that you can when the snow has melted.
If ancient glaciers are on your bucket list of Squamish attractions this summer, take look at our Prehistoric Glacier Express flight.

5: No two photos are ever the same


Most popular tourist activities have only one or two view points that everyone wants to get a photograph of; and on busy weekends in the summer is can make taking a photo feel like you’re lining up to see a movie that only lasts 25 seconds. One of the great things about flying is that there are unobstructed views in every direction, all the time, and there’s nobody to stand in your way.

Happy travelling, see you soon!

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