Photo of Brandywine Falls from the base in the summer


Our Guide to the Best Waterfalls near Squamish

Since 1994, popular singing group TLC has been telling us to not go chasing waterfalls. 27 years have passed and if you’re one of those people who listened to their advice, it’s time to get out there and see these beautiful, natural wonders in all their glory. And what better way to get back into chasing waterfalls than with our guide to some of the BEST waterfalls in the Sea to Sky corridor! 

From Vancouver to Pemberton, we have picked out the best waterfalls to check out from the land and the air. While now is not the time to travel, there’s plenty to do safely and responsibly just outside your door. Explore your local community this winter, and support local businesses in the process.

Looking up from the bottom of Shannon Falls Squamish on a summer day
Shannon Falls, Squamish

Shannon Falls is located 10-minutes south of downtown Squamish along the Sea to Sky Highway. It is the third-largest waterfall in British Columbia, rising 355M from the base. Shannon Falls Provincial Park is meticulously maintained with a large network of trails that lead to the boardwalk at the base of the falls to allow you to get the best picture possible! There is also a picnicking area located above the parking lot making it the perfect place to stop for a quick bite to eat.

Accessibility: Easy, some stairs
People Traffic: High  
Hiking Difficulty: Easy 

Photo of Brandywine Falls from the base in the summer
Brandywine Falls, Whistler

Hidden halfway between Whistler and Squamish, Brandywine Falls is another beautiful park to visit just off the Sea to Sky Highway. Brandywine Falls Park has two different viewing points that you can reach by foot, bicycle or snowshoe. From the viewing decks views of Daisy Lake sweep down the valley, framed beautifully by the mountains that surround the area. The hike into Brandywine Falls follows a well-trekked path that takes roughly 10-20 minutes each way depending on weather and walking pace.

Accessibility: Easy, with a railway crossing 
Hiking Difficulty: Easy
People Traffic: High 

Crooked Falls in Squamish in summer
Crooked Falls, Squamish

Tucked away in the Upper Squamish Valley lies the hidden gem that is Crooked Falls. Unlike Brandywine and Shannon falls, Crooked Falls is a little trickier to access. The trail leading to the falls can be found via Sigurd Trail. From there it is roughly a 3 km hike following a network of old logging roads and single-track trails. When you reach the falls there are two popular lookouts; one at the base of the falls and another that is located half-way up. The second lookout is a unique V-shaped platform that the waterfall has carved out in the rock, making for an awesome photo. Although accessing Crooked Falls requires a little more effort, the hike itself offers its own beautiful lookout points of the Squamish Valley and Mount Garibaldi. This hidden gem is a must-see!

Accessibility: Moderate, car needed to drive along the logging road to the trailhead
Hiking Difficulty: Moderate-Hard, with a couple of steep technical sections
People Traffic: Low

High Falls Creek, Squamish
High Falls Creek, Squamish

High Falls Creek is another hidden gem that is located in the Upper Squamish Valley. Unlike the other waterfalls, High Falls Creek can be quite technical in some sections, therefore it is recommended to attempt this hike on warm, sunny days when the ground and rocks are dry. The hike is quite steep and offers multiple lookouts over the Squamish Valley, Tantalus Range, Elaho River and Squamish River. Throughout the hike, there are a variety of nooks, clearings and lookouts to stop and view the falls. The most famous being the one from the very top of the falls. However, be careful not to get too close to the edge. The trail loop is 11km long and takes approximately 4-5 hours. If you’re up for a little challenge then this hike definitely does not disappoint.

Accessibility: Challenging, rough logging road access to the trailhead
Hiking Difficulty: Hard, with loose sections and scrambles up rocks
People Traffic: Low

Echo Falls, Squamish

Next time you’re driving From Vancouver to Squamish, as you reach Shannon Falls look immediately across the Howe Sound. Across the valley lies Echo Lake Waterfalls. Because you can’t see it from the Sea To Sky Highway most people don’t even realize the waterfall is there and even fewer actually visit it.

To get to Echo Lake waterfall your journey starts with crossing the Squamish River by water taxi Once across the river the trail leads you up the mountain towards Echo Lake. The hike up to the lake follows the winding path of the waterfall, giving you a beautiful and intimate perspective almost the entire way up. The hike is practically a straight shot up the mountain making it physically challenging, but fear not, there are pools along the way where you can relax and refresh yourself. At the top of the trail you will find Echo Lake, the source for the falls. The lake is stocked with fish and there are campsites traversing the side of the lake. Perfect for people who love spending a night under the stars.  

Accessibility: Hard 
Hiking Difficulty: Moderate-Hard
People Traffic: Moderate

If we missed one of your favourite waterfalls let us know. Send us a message via the contact page or Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Happy trails!

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