taking a seaplane is the best way to experience vancouver and squamish

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Why a Seaplane is the Best Way to See Squamish & Vancouver

Taking a guided scenic flight via seaplane is one of the best ways to see Squamish and Vancouver. One of the most appealing features of this area we are fortunate to call home is the juxtaposition of mountains and sea. A flight with us by seaplane offers the unique opportunity to explore the outer limits of Vancouver and Squamish, by air and sea. Being able to fly and cruise on the water in the same vessel is a magical experience we can’t wait to share with you!

Exploring the Squamish Area

One of the best flights we offer to explore the Squamish area is our Phantom Lake by Seaplane Guided Scenic Flight. You’ll be able to see famous sights of Squamish from the air, as well as land on a remote plane-access-only lake. As you take off on our runway in Squamish, the Stawamus Chief and Mount Garibaldi and the Howe sound will come into view. These are wondrous sights seen from the highway, but viewing them from above puts the magnitude of their beauty into perspective. As your pilot starts to guide you north above the powerful Squamish River, you’ll see epic peaks of the Tantalus Mountains and never-ending, fading peaks in the distance of the coast mountain range.

As Phantom Lake comes into view, you’ll begin to understand why this is such a unique and special way to explore the Squamish area. The lake is only accessible by seaplane, and it will just be you, your pilot, and loved ones for as far as the eye can see. Landing on the emerald green waters of the lake and taxiing around the stunning hanging lake will leave you breathless. But then, stepping out of the plane onto pristine beaches and glacial-fed water is an experience you’ll never forget. Not only is this one of the best ways to see the Squamish area, but it’s truly the most unique.

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Phantom Lake Guided Scenic Flight near Squamish

Exploring the Vancouver Area

One of our favourite ways to explore the Vancouver area year-round is on our Howe Sound Fjord Guided Scenic flight. On your way to landing on the gorgeous waters of the Howe Sound, you’ll fly past some of the famous sights of Squamish. Mount Garibaldi, the Squamish Spit, Shannon Falls, the Tantalus Range, and the mighty Stawamus Chief are just a few of the features you’ll soar over. As your pilot begins to guide you over the Howe Sound towards Vancouver, you’ll start to see the marriage of mountains and sea, the combination that draws so many people to this special part of the world. Jagged mountain peaks flank the spectacular deep-water fjord, making for a striking visual experience.

As the plane lands on the waters of the Howe Sound near Vancouver, you’ll be surrounded by coastal islands like the Defence Islands, Anvil and Gambier Island. This is a chance to feel the intricacies of the coastal waterways up close, and you might even catch a glimpse of wildlife while you’re there! While you don’t get out of the plane, you’ll get to experience what it’s like to float in a small vessel on the deep-water fjord that helps make this part of the world so special. We can’t think of a better way to explore the Vancouver area!

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Howe Sound near vancouver guided scenic flight

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